It’s Crucial To The Plot – 50 Word Story

Julian displays a wry smile upon his lips, “We both know I do, otherwise the statement wouldn’t have been as insulting as I wanted it to be, would’ve it?” “Do you really want to die tonight? Is that how you want this all to end?” “In the end, there is.”

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I once thought that I could write something that had the ability to not only change my life, but the life of those who read it as well. Obviously I figured out it better to leave the life changing part to those more skilled... Matt “A pretty thing like you shouldn’t keep yourself locked away …

We’re Not Written That Way – 50 Word Story

“Flaccid dreams lover boy,” she says. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” “It means you’re a soft cock even in your dreams,” she says with an evil grin, as she tosses the vase towards him. With a simple backhand he deflects it, only to find her already mid-flight.

Granny Ganson – 50 Word Story

“Why yes dear, today I’m going out to visit some guy I met on tinder for a gang bang with his four mates. Apparently they are all well hung and know just how to take care of an older woman.” She says in a croaky voice, jokingly impersonating her grandmother.

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If unicorns were easier to write about, I would have several volumes of some really good shit. Sadly, a horse with a massive dildo strapped to its head doesn't make for good material... Matt She smiles awkwardly, in the way you would if you were trying to be sarcastic. But unfortunately, she doesn’t have the …