Day 75 – Not Really – Short Story

They both collapse in a heap onto the bed, their hearts beating frantically, sweat running down both their bodies, she looks over at him and slaps him in the face with a giggle.

“What the fuck?”

“I said not that hole!” She says with a laugh.

“You also said don’t cum inside me because I haven’t taken the pill for the last two days,” he says quickly. “So I impulsive,” he says with a smile.

“I thought you were just going to pull out and you know, jerk it the last few, not just move holes.”

“Sorry,” he says as he quickly climbs out of the bed.

“Where are you going in such a hurry, I didn’t say I never liked it?”

“I know, but I’m busting for a piss,” he says as he quickly climbs into his trousers and runs out of her dorm room, and into the hallway, he looks back at her and she gives him a wink.

“The left, it’s down on the left,” she says with a giggle, he blushes and nods his head and quickly makes his way down the hallway until he comes across a door marked with a female silhouette, he rushes in quickly runs into one of the cubical and locks the door behind him and rips his pants down and sits, letting out an enormous fart in the process, and he hears someone giggle, he swallows a mouthful of dryness and lets out another, and the giggling continues.

“You shouldn’t push too hard,” a girl’s voice says from a few cubicles over, he remains silent, as he’s well-aware that no boys are allowed in the dorms after ten pm, and it’s well past that now.

“You’re not a talker?” the woman says.

“Not really,” he says in his most female voice he can.

She laughs again, and using a deep voice says, “Not Really,” and he can’t help but laugh.

“You know you’re not supposed to be here?” she says

“We got carried away,” he says as he lets out a sigh of relief as his bladder finally empties itself.

“Who’s your woman?” she asks.

“Sandra Potter,” he says.

“Ah, so you’re Halex?” she says

“It’s just Alex,” he replies with a laugh. “And you’re?”


“So, you spend a lot of your time being creepy in the toilets?”

“Some of it, when I’m not haunting the library or teachers’ lounge.” He drops his head between his shoulders and lets out a deep breath of air.

“You’re a teacher?”
“Don’t worry handsome, I’m not going to tell anyone, we’ve all been kids, been in love, done stupid stuff, broken the rules, its life.”

“Wow, a totally understanding teacher, are you like a temp here?”

She laughs, “I never said I was a teacher, you said that, I just said I’m not going to tell anyone,” she says, as he hears her high-heeled footsteps walk to the door of his cubical.

“Well, goodnight,” he says nervously, as he can see the tips of her shoes standing in front of his door.

“Oh Alex, it’s not good night yet,” she says as her head passes through the door like it was water and he screams at the sight of her razor sharp teeth, her bloodshot eyes and her skin pale which is covered in blistered pockets of flesh, that ooze out a yellow, greenish puss. “I haven’t had my share of you, yet!” she screams as she attacks, blood violently splatters along the floor and onto the walls of the cubical, as Sandra and another two girls stand watching in the doorway, smiling.



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