Day 76 – Feed – YouChallenge Short Story

He raises the fork up to his mouth and his face twists, as he looks at the strange, bluish meat that hangs off it, he feels her eyes staring at him and he looks towards her and he feels the sweat run down his face.

“Stop staring,” he says as he lowers the fork and his brow furrows with frustration.

“What? I’m not staring, I was just casually looking your way,” she says with a smile.

“Don’t be a smart arse,” he says as he stuffs the fork into his mouth and begins to chew, his face shows so many different emotions as his taste buds react brutally, he chews for a few more minutes before he finally swallows, almost choking as he does, he quickly grabs the glass of water and empties the contents down his throat, she lets out a small giggle.

“God Sam, are you okay?” She asks.

“Don’t laugh, there’s nothing funny about it.”

“Come on, honestly you should see your face.”

“Well you try it,” he says as he quickly cuts another piece off and holds the fork out towards her, she looks at the meat and her face turns white, and her eyes widen.

“You ordered it, not me,” she says as she pushes the fork away.

“Well, don’t laugh then,” he says as he looks down at the piece of meat and swallows a large gulp of air before he forces it into his mouth and chews again.

“If you don’t like it, don’t eat it,” she says sternly.

“I’m not going to waste it, d-d-do you know how much it cost?” He says as he forces the mouthful down.

“Surly it can’t taste that bad?”

“It just tastes funny, wrong, I mean, isn’t supposed to taste like chicken, because this taste like a chicken shit.”

“Excuse me sir, is there s problem?” The waiter asks as he comes over to the table.

“Yes, my friend is not enjoying his meal,” she says, and he gives her a stern look before looking up at the waiter, and smiles awkwardly.

“It just tastes a little strange is all.”

“Is this your first time?”

“Yes, yes it is, but that should not be an issue, food is either what it’s advertised to be or its not, and this? Whatever it is supposed to be, is atrocious, I don’t think anyone would eat this poorly cooked garbage.”

“I can assure you sir, Chef Anton, is acclaimed in culinary circles, his dishes are, literally to die for, but he also welcomes feedback, so if you wish to pass on your issues with the dish to Chef Anton herself, I am sure he would be happy to discuss them with you.”

He looks across the table and she shrugs her shoulders and he looks back at the waiter, “Why the hell not, sounds like he needs s bit of reality in his face,” he says as he gets up from his seat and winks at the girl.

“Of course sir, this way,” the waiter says as he leads him out into the kitchen. “Chef Anton, I have a customer who wishes to discuss their disappointment with you.”

“I am always happy to listen to what my public have to say,” Chef Anton says and he walks over to the two of them, with a beaming smile on his face. “My friend, tell me, what dish did not satisfy your pallet tonight?” He says as he clutches Sam’s hand and shakes it variously.

“The rump, and it was terrible, whatever you used obviously was spoiled or something worse.”

“Please, come out the back I’ll show you how fresh my product is, please this way,” Chef Anton says, leading Sam out into a large freezer where three naked bodies hang from meat hooks, some missing body parts and pieces of flesh. “As you can see these products are fresh, today, clean and free of disease, we have stringent standards I vigorously uphold. I think maybe you just don’t enjoy finely cooked Homo Saipan cuisine,” he says as the waiter brings a cleaver down into Sam’s head. “But I’m sure you’ll cook up a treat, François tell Miss Donovan she has kept her gold star discount,” he says as he begins striping Sam of his clothing.



The challenge was, ‘this food tastes funny.’

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