Day 77 – Suck It Up – Short Story

He nervously looks around the corner, clutching the revolver in his hand, he squints his eyes as a droplets of sweat sears into them like a hot poker and he pushes himself back against the wall and takes a deep breath, tightening his grip on the gun.

“I know you’re there Fillmore,” a voice yells out. “Hiding in the shadows isn’t going to do you any good, you might as well show yourself,” he feels his stomach turn and then two shots rip into the other side of the wall he stands against. “Don’t make this any worse, be a man and talk to me like the brother I am, instead of treating me as the enemy!”

He laughs, “Brothers? Are you seriously going to try that card now Andy? I tried talking to you, but you just treated me like I was nothing, like my opinion didn’t matter, you just listened to that bitch, why? Because she sucked your cock and made out she enjoyed it!” Another two shots rip into the wall.

“Fuck you, we would be rolling in the cash right now if it wasn’t for you, Heather did nothing wrong, fuck she stood up for you, and now you’re trying to blame her for this mess, what the fuck happened to you?”

“I grew a fucking conscience, what happened to you?” He yells out.

Andy laughs this time, “Is this what you call growing a conscience? You fucking betrayed me, your own flesh and blood, everything we worked so hard to build you ripped down in a single hour, you didn’t grow a conscience, you threw a tantrum, like a child.”

“Fuck you!” Fillmore says as he steps from behind the wall and stares viciously towards his brother. “You never could understand, you never wanted to, you just played into that bitches hands like a puppy after attention, I tried fixing it, I didn’t bring anything down, I saved it, I saved it all.” He yells as he fires two shots from the revolver at his brother, both hitting him, one, rips into his stomach and the other, tears a hole in his left leg, sending Andy crashing to the floor.

“You fucking shot me!” He yells, “I can’t believe you fucking shot me!”

“You were ready to do the same to me a few seconds ago!” Fillmore says as he walks towards his brother, his gun still trained on him. “You made this, not me.”

“Fuck you, grow some responsibility and start owning what you do,” Andy says as he spits a wad of blood out, onto the ground.

“FUCK YOU!” Fillmore says as he digs the gun into Andy’s head, his finger slowly squeezing back on the trigger.

“So, this is it, you’re going to kill me over a fucking piece of tail? Is some two bit whore really worth everything?”

“You think this is how I want things to end between us, we’ve been close our whole lives, we’ve been through everything together, whores included, but as soon as you slipped into bed with those ice heads, you changed, you became scum, we became scum, and that, that’s something I couldn’t sit back and watch, not after Gideon’s overdose,” he says as tears beginning to run down his face.

Andy beings to laugh again, “This is what it’s all about, you actually fancied him, didn’t you, were you lovers, did he cup your balls while he sucke…..” he doesn’t get a chance to finish as Fillmore fires two shots into his head, removing half of it in the process, Andy’s lifeless, bloody, corpse collapses to the ground and Fillmore stares at the blood, as it continues to grow, he stands there for some time, as the puddle of blood stops growing and begins to coagulate, he feels her presence before he sees it and spins around, gun in the air, aimed towards her.

She stands there and claps, a smile broadly on her face, “Well, not the brother I was hoping would win, but none the less, to the victor goes the fruit.”

“Fuck you Jane, tell me why I don’t empty what’s left in this clip in your head?”

“Please Fillmore, you know how unwise that would be, we three had a deal, one where I held up my side of the bargain, you do not get to call it quits until I decide so. And do you really want to anger me, especially when I can give you what your heart desires,” she says as from out of the darkness of the room, Gideon appears, a smile upon his face, and Fillmore feels the tears run down his face.

“Don’t cry, everything’s going to be ok now, I’m here,” Gideon says as he walks towards him.

“I know,” Fillmore says as he quickly puts the gun to his head and fires, he stands there, staring, as Gideon dissolves into nothing but ash, he frantically looks at her, and she smiles, that evil, fucking grin.

“It’s not that easy, lover, deals singed in blood, last, so suck it up sunshine, your mine.”



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