Short Story

Day 102 – Partners – Short Story

“You think you’re better than me? You think you’re worth more than you’re getting paid?”

“I think I’ve done a lot for this company, without me you wouldn’t be sitting as pretty as you are, for the money we’re bringing in I think I deserve a little bit of the cream.” David says as he forcefully pulls himself up out of the chair.

“Are you that fucking stupid that you seriously think you, you, of all people, have been making money for this company? Get your head out of your arse David, you’ve been given easy files, money that we would’ve made regardless of who had control of the account, can’t you see that, you may be my son but I’m not going to allow you to sit here and dictate to me that the wages you are paid, which by the way are more than generous already, is not enough. I will not…” He doesn’t get to finish his words as David leaps across the desk and smashes him across the head with a crystal drinking decanter that sits on it. Not once, but five or more times, and with each hit it becomes more violent than the last, until finally David stands over his father’s now lifeless body. Blood runs down his face, down his neck and seeps into his white shirt, the decanter now bloody, bits of hair and skin stuck into the intricate weaves and patterns cut into the decanters shell.

“Fuck you old man,” David growls as he spits on the body, he turns around and Fiona and Sally both stare at him wide eyes, both clutching each other, he places the decanter casually back on the desk and smiles to the girls. “You both saw it, he provoked me, it was self-defense.”

“T-T-That, was so n-not self-defense,” Sally says, he slowly walks up towards the pair and places a blood hand on Sally’s shoulder.

“It was self-defense, he attacked me first, you both saw it, I was defending myself.”

“Full partners!” Fiona blurts out.

David turns to her and smiles, “What?”

“Full partners, you make us full partners and we’ll back your story.”

“Fiona?” Sally says.

“Think about it, we’ll never get another chance, the old bastard would’ve never offered us a full partnership regardless of all the work we did for him, he hasn’t handled any of his case work in eight years, not since we started. Yet, Fillmore just walked into a partnership position and he’s a complete jack off, with no skills, at all,” she say, the turns back to David. “You give us a full partnership, both of us, and we’ll back up your story.”

He smiles and turns to Sally, “It’s was self-defense.”

She looks at him and then at Fiona, before turning back to David. “He tried to attack all of us, I don’t know what he was thinking, if you hadn’t been here and saved us, I-I-I don’t want to think about it.” He smile’s broads and holds out his hand.

“Partners,” He says.



4 replies on “Day 102 – Partners – Short Story”

Thanks so much, but I guess, really, guilt depends on what you would do if you were Fiona? Or worse, Sally, what would’ve happened if Sally didn’t agree with Fiona? Oh, this story could have gone another step, and have poor Sally beaten to death by Fiona and David… Maybe that should have been its true ending 👍


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