Short Story YouChallenge

Day 111 – Rock Star – YouChallenge Short Story

“So what, you think he’s an alien just because he’s too good?” She says with a laugh as she takes a long drag on the joint.

“Either that or he’s like some undercover rock star looking to grow his popularity by posing as a busker for some documentary that he’s putting together,” she says as she giggles to herself.

“Mary, you’re totally wasted,” she says as she takes another drag of the joint and passes it to Mary.

“This bush shit is hardly doing anything, I’m totally straight,” Mary says as she takes a drag.

“Bush shit? This is like Jamaican Red, I didn’t even need to take a toke to start feeling it, you’re wasted honey,” she says as she falls back into the couch and begins laughing hysterically, Mary slaps her on the leg and giggles.

“You’re the one who’s wasted, I’m serious, he just showed up with this awesome light show and started pulling people from everywhere, it’s just way too weird for him to be that good and I’d never noticed him before.”

“You’re in love with him that’s what it is,” she says, Mary slaps her on the leg again, harder this time.

“Am not, he’s just too good to be just a busker, if you don’t believe me lets go to the mall and I’ll show you!”

“You’re in love, you’re in love!”

“Cut it out Megan, and get your skanky arse off my couch and let’s go!”

“You’re fucking serious?”

“Too right I am,” she says as he gets to her feet and falls back on the couch.

“You’re so wasted bitch!” Megan says with a giggle, Mary forces herself up again and grabs Megan by the arm and pulls her up, and they stumble out the door, arriving some time later at the mall, seeing the large group of people instantly, all bobbing their heads and tapping their feet to the strange, ambient sounds coming from within the crowd, Mary looks at Megan with a I told you so look and the girls push their way towards the front.

“See,” Mary says as he points to the strange looking little man as he drives his fingers precisely down onto the keyboard, lights flicker from a rig behind him and he spins around, as the song comes to its crescendo, the crowd applaud hysterically, with cheers for more, money litters the inner circle that the people surround and he holds up one hand.

“You are all too kind, but alas, this is my final song for the day, it’s something I wrote the other morning, I call it Rondo Alla Turca, please enjoy,” he says as he starts to play. Mary turns to Megan and laughs.

“See this guy is absolutely twisted,” Mary says.

“I think he’s really talented, don’t you feel it? He just wrote this and it sounds beautiful, I feel it, I really do, don’t you?”

“Sure, I also used to love it when my parents played it too me when I was a baby.”

“What, are you still high? Didn’t you just hear him?”

“Yeah, that’s what I mean, this is one of Mozart’s most famous pieces. Actually,” she says as she smiles, “all of the stuff he’s been playing is Mozart’s.”

“You don’t think this guy actually is, Mozart?” Megan says.

They both look at the strange, little man and then at each other.



The challenge was, ‘a strange busker in the mall.’


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