Blogger Recognition Award


What is an award if its not meant to inspire? I can’t tell if that’s supposed to be a statement, question or fact, I guess the question mark makes it a question, anyway, the next part answers it, or does it ask another question? No, that did, but so does this, what is the most inspiring award? An award given to you by a reader, that’s what, see, an answer straight away, instead of strange, crazy, awkward moments spent mulling over the insanity I have been with the first question, that wasn’t really a question, but became one because of the question mark. That answer, the one you just read, before the insane babbling, in a way answers the first question, as readers inspire, and we aim to inspire and entertain our readers. So I think I’ve answered my own questions in this poorly constructed puzzle that I’m sure sounded better in my head. Maybe I should add some mad twist…

“Wait NO! There is no reader, it is I all along!” says the demented, horned beast who tears off the strangely translucent skin like outer layer of its flesh, black sludge slaps to the ground like hot tar and before me now stands some fugly horse with wings poking out of it’s arse, and all I can think of is I hope it does….

Okay, that’s enough, it’s time to be truly serious, you see, I was honoured to receive this award by the little powerhouse blogger Devil Doll Musings, their blog has become a versatile playground for their artistic endeavors. I suggest if you haven’t found yourself over there, you do it, I’m sure you will find something you like, I mean, if your here, reading this, so why not go over and have a read, you won’t regret it.

What are the rules for the Blogger Recognition Award?

For all the nominees, here are the rules if you choose to accept:

  1. Write a post to show your award
  2. Give a brief story of how your blog started
  3. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  4. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog
  5. Select 5 other blogs you want to give the award to (Following the trail of time through bloggers who have passed this on, the amount has fluctuated from blogger to blogger, so really, it should be how many you feel you need to pass onto the rest of your blogging audience.)

SO lets do this.

1> You’re reading it.

2> I guess the briefest, simplistic way I can tell you the story is looking back seventeen  years, when I first set up an Angelfire account. Those were the days, I think anyway, my memory is not as solid as I would hope. Anyway, after a bout of trying to write conformed pieces I decided to do away with the thick, hot, sticky rules for a while and do what I felt like doing, and thus the blog was created. A story a day (sometimes more, virtually it’s seeming to be more lately, I’m slowly loosing my grip on reality, I’m sure the stories show that. Or are they sucking up the reality and I’m becoming the story? Oh that could be a good story to write.) Anyway, each day I dedicate an hour to write a story and spend a minimum of 30 minutes on the editing. With the expanding of stories per day the time limit has been smashed a little and most only get 45 minutes all up spent on them. So I feel even though I’m putting more stuff down I’m not spending as much time as I should o each piece. Although, in saying that, I have written some of my favourites in the last few weeks, so, really, does it matter.

3> Two pieces of advice..

First one is easy, read, read other blogs, read as many as you can, so many to the point you don’t have any other time but to read, and diversify, read stuff that you don’t normally read, you’ll be surprised what it inspires in you. Also like, comment and follow, do all of the above, or some of it, but when you see something that needs a comment and doesn’t have one, don’t be shy, comment, let the blogger know what you thought. Sharing is what this is all about, well sometimes, other times it’s about everything else.

Second one is as simple as the first, write, write until blood seeps from your fingernails, write until your eyes hurt. Write on your phone, on your tablet, on your laptop, on your PC. Write on a bus, in your car (not while driving please) when your walk the dog, taking a bath, taking a break. And write about whatever you want, in whatever style you like, play around, change what you’re doing, perfect your skill, and most importantly, have fun doing all of it.

They are, without a doubt, the best tips I can give.

4> Devil Doll Musings, this is a thank you, I guess the above mess of words would’ve never happened if you hadn’t passed this on. But really, thank you for enjoying my insanity enough to place my name on your list, I’m quite chuffed.

5> Okay this is the big one, lets see who I can throw underneath your wheels, this is the hardest part, but here goes….

1> Nguyening It ! A great little artist who over the course of several days will take you though the creation of a sketch, his artwork is prominently comic book related and some of his stuff has just blown me away.

2> Postcard For A Pigeon A awesome site of many things, Dermott Hayes has established himself, well in my eyes, as a versatile, creative, hard working blogger we has quite a few credits to his name. Pop over and have a look around his den if you haven’t3> already, its a journey full of… Well take a look.

3> Insidious Temptation If you’ve got a stomach for what she is serving up, you will be more than amused, entertained and bewildered, you’ll be slapped in the face, and kicked in the groin, all while she smiles at you. So, I say to you dear reader, expect words of colour, flashes of skin, sex and sin, all beautifully wrapped up in insanity with a knife to your throat, and it is, one hell of a ride!

4> Sinisterdarksoul The title makes you expect depths of darkness and horror, violence and hate. But that’s not all you get here, it’s so much more, it’s the journey of a soul, the lamenting of a life, the outstretched arms of a mother, the exposing b…. Okay, I’ve got carried away, let me start again, or somewhere in the middle before the plot was lost. You’ll find here a journey though words, as they take you on ride into melody, feeling, darkness and light, through blood and flesh, through dirt and mud, through all the things we don’t want to see, and all the things we do. Have a look!

5> Jack Crispy A blog dedicated to a short bit of fiction each and everyday, they’re not as deranged as most of mine, but some of them pack bigger punches, take a look.

6> Slasher Monster Magazine When I think of this blog, I think Troma, all messed up, wrong and they know it. You’ll find unusual articles, stories, moments in time and other crazy stuff, so get over and have a look, its more than worth it if you like some small doses of insanity.

7> Yazgar’s Daily Doodle You would know who Yazgar is if you’ve seen any of The Roundhead artwork that’s been placed on the site. Yazgar is the creator of said works, and for the past few months has been challenging himself to doing a sketch a day. So, why not pop on over and take a look, he’s getting more and more adventurous as they days go on.

Okay that’s 7, but don’t be fooled, I follow a whole lot more and feel putting a restriction on the number is silly, although I went over the 5. Anyway, in the end who matters? All the people I follow, I follow for a reason, a  simple reason, because I enjoy what they have to offer. It might not be in the same genre as what I write, but, that’s not all I read. So, dear reader, it comes to the end, and, unlike a normal post upon my page, we have all made it out alive.

Till next time…

Place some cool line here I’m sure..



P.S. I changed the colour of the award because, well, it’s just the way I roll.

3 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

    1. Thanks, I like the Idea of passing on the blogs I follow to other readers, so I might make it something regular to suggest blogs I follow, that way it makes me feel better, because even though the seven I listed are great, I follow other blogs that are also worthy of a mention.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely.. I always feel that all the blogs are unique and wonderful in.their own way.. and all of them deserve a chance to be looked at and read.. That’s the reason, I came up with the Blogger’s Pool where we can meet, connect and appreciate each other. It makes all of us to grow together.. Thank you.. You are very kind.

        Liked by 1 person

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