Day 149 Daily Prompt – Border – 50 Word Story Expanded

“It’s entiely possible, I mean, at this stage, anything is,” she says, running her hand down the frame of the mirror.

“At this stage? We’re not in one of your supernatural horror movies Shelley, this is the real world, shit like this just doesn’t happen.”

She turns to him and smiles, “Why is it suddenly, my supernatural horror movies? You’re the one who introduced me to The Evil Dead and Phantasam.”

“Years ago, when we were kids, you’re the one who went all science geek over it all, and built this, this fucking thing.”

“The looking glass is not a fucking thing, it’s a doorway to another world, bridging the borders of our world, and the world of…”

“The world of fucking nightmares!” He yells out, she looks at him with  wry smile, he feels a cold shiver run down his spine and looks to the ground, biting his lip nervously.


“Of course I am, none of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for that fucking thing, whatever it did, it fucked everything, and nothing been right since, nothing.”

“It only feed of what you asked it to, you knew that before you hooked yourself up to it.”

“Hey sister, I only did what you asked, your fucking mirror did the rest.”

“Stop it, stop blaming the mirror, it’s what came out of it, out of you, that caused all these killing.When you were hooked up I detected something huge, with enough juice to keep the city running for at least a thousand years, tear through the doorway,” she says, throwing her arms left and right, overly animating herself, he takes a step back, putting his hands in the air.

“Calm the farm, there’s no need to loose your shit.”

“Who’s losing their shit? You’re the one who keeps ignoring the facts. Everything is right here, and the only way to stop it is for you to cross the fuck over, hopefully whatever it is, will ride back with you and then we’ll…”

“You’ll do nothing, I’ll be stuck across there, with whatever it is, and you’ll be safe, that’s the deal. Destroy the mirror, as soon as I’m though, promise me, like we’ve planned!”

“I promised already, I’ll destroy it, even though I know I could fix it, I could save you, I’ll keep my word.”

“Then let’s stop fucking around, before I don’t,” he says as he steps towards the mirror.

“I-I-I’m sorry,” she says softly, tears welling up in her eyes, he reaches out and cups her face in his hand, and smiles.

“Don’t be,” he says, tears run down his cheeks, he takes a deep breath, and step into the mirror. The room vibrates as the realities seals are broken, his world flashes before his eyes, whites, blacks, red and blues, everything falling, disintegrating and then reforming, into something, the same, yet, different. He steps into the dark, grey, otherworld, falling to his knees, his body feels like it’s been twisted, torn, and broken, tears cascade down his face, and, then, he feels it, in the core of his soul, the connection to his world being severed. Ever so slowly he turns, until he sees the cracks in the mirror behind him.

“Goodgirl,” he says softly.

“How touching,” a voice says from within the room. “Can I vomit?”

“When I stepped through the gate, and I crossed the border into this world, I knew that the killings would stop. But, but I didn’t think, I didn’t expect, that it would be…” He looks up at the shape, hiding in the shadows.

“You didn’t expect it to be you?” She says as she steps from the darkness. “Was that what you were going to say?”


“Becuase of you, don’t you see that, haven’t you always seen that?”


You can read the original 50 Word version HERE and, as a rare bonus, you can read Jac Forsyth’s fantastic tale based around the original short, over HERE.

Border is today’s Daily Prompt

7 thoughts on “Day 149 Daily Prompt – Border – 50 Word Story Expanded

    1. Thanks, when I decided to start before the short it really went somewhere I didn’t expect. Haha, and I wouldn’t feel pressure, it’s the fun of seeing what other people see in the same story that makes each one stand alone. I’m looking forward to reading it 👍

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      1. Haha, when I sit down and start editing these shorts, the versions that haven’t found their way on the blog, they grow, a few of them have found their way into my books, becoming something more, something bigger. But, eventually the edited versions will be posted, when I reach halfway, I’m hoping to do bonus revisit posts every few days.

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