Day 202 – Black – Where It Ends

He grips the knife tightly, feeling the blade slice through his flesh, and, as his blood drips onto the ground, the very earth itself begins to tremble, and he smiles.

“Grant me all that I ask! Grant me power immense, untouched by those of man since the dawn of time! Grant me immortality!” He yells, the trembling stops, and a thick, black fog, rises from where his blood dropped, taking the shape and form of a figure.

“You ask for that which was taken from man, you ask for immortality, you ask for power,” a distant voice says. “What will you give for it?”

“Haven’t I already shown you that,” he says, waving his arms towards the fifteen bodies that lie scattered around the room, in pools of their own blood.

“A pittance for what you ask,” it says.

“This is but the start, grant me what I ask, and I will fill your halls with thousands more, millions.”

It laughs, “Grand desires, but, at your heart, you are human, with faults, this power you seek is much more than what you realise, it is not for you.”

“Demon, I did what was asked, I made the sacrifices, I cut their throats, my loved ones, have I not shown I am more than ready!”

It laughs again, “Indeed you did, and I know, deep, in your heart, you loved those you killed tonight. But, I want those, those closer to the surface, your true, your rawest loves, not the fodder you love but can live without.”

“T-T-That’s not the deal, th…”

“It is the deal because that’s what I say the deal is! You, simpleton, do not make the deal. Words on paper no older than a century or more, do not make the deal. I, who is older than time itself, make the deal. Kill your true loves, kill them to please me. And, if you can do that, I will see you’re words, turn into reality, for I will make you, immortal!”

He stares at the mist, tightly gripping the blade, feeding off it’s pain, and, through clenched teeth, hisses venomously, “You swear, if I take their lives, you will give me what I ask for?”

“That and more.”

“How can I believe you? How will….”

“YOU DARE QUESTION MY WORD? YOU DARE ASK FOR PROOF!” It bellows. “I am he who crawled from the deepest pits to answer your call, I am he who spat in the face of the almighty and lived to call him brother! MY WORD IS MY DEAL, IF YOU DON’T TRUST MY WORD, THEN I WILL SUCK THE VERY MARROW FROM YOUR BONES, THE VERY SOUL FROM IT’S HIDING PLACE, AND FOREVER, ETERNAL, YOU WILL SUFFER, FOR THAT IS THE DEAL!” He feels the pull, the pain, agony, and screams, as the darkness envelopes him.



Day 202 – Vice – Whispered Words

Am I just another of your stupid whores,

following you around with my tongue hanging to the floor,

waiting for a moment,

waiting for a look,

for you to notice me sitting here,

to notice me at all,

I’ll strip down to my flesh,

I’ll pump blood to make it hard,

I’ll do what you want,

look at me I’m dancing,

look at me I’ll sing,

I’ll do almost anything,

just so you will notice me,

just so you will say,

you wrote something beautiful today,

you wrote something with heart,

you wrote something that touched me,

but as for tomorrow,

well, you better make a start.

Day 202 – Seldom – Whispered Words


it passes,

like a blur,

like a random thought,

like a wet dream,

is it what it’s all meant to be,

are we worth more,

are we bound for something greater,

are we our own mistakes,

what makes it worth it all,

do you?

do you make it worth it?

or am I just lost in the cycle,

unable to escape,

uncaring of the end result?

who knows,

I don’t,

because if I did,

would I be asking this?

Day 201 – Recover – Where It Ends

“It’s not going to work, there’s too much damage, she won’t make it!” He yells across the spluttering, screaming engine.

“We’ve got no choice, you have to push it, if we don’t get over that wall, we’re done for!”

He smiles nervously before clenching his teeth, griping the steering wheel with one hand tightly, then throws it it top gear as he plants a foot down on the accelerator, the car lurches forward, then the engine coughs violently and dies. “Fuck, I told you it wouldn’t last, I told you it wouldn’t make it!” He says, fumbling with his seat belt, ripping it from its latch and jumping from the car. “We’ve got to move, NOW!”

She sits there, frozen in her seat, staring at him, “I-I-I, I can’t, it’s too dangerous,” she says.

“It’s more dangerous staying with the fucking car,  those things are getting closer, so we’ve got to move!” He yells rushing to her side of the car and grabbing her by the arm, trying to pull her out, but she twists and turns her way free of his grip.

“I said NO!” She yells. “Just go, I-I, I’m not ready, I, I just want to stay here, you go.”

He stands there for a few moments, staring at her, confused, worried, a range of emotions, that finally give way to release, as he throws his hands in the air and runs off, through the deserted, decimated, city streets. Once he is gone from sight she slowly gets out of the car, brushes the dirt from her dress, fixed her hair and smiles, as a dozen or more strange looking things charge towards her on all fours, coming to a stop a few feet away. They grunt and growl between each other, as if having a conversation, then turn back to her.

“Are you all done?” She says, as one moves forward, slowly, towards her, then presses itself to the ground, showing its submittance. “That’s a good doggy,” she says, kneeling down, and rubbing its back. “Nothing to say?” She says softly, as the beasts ready themselves for attack, “Hush my children.”

“W-W-Why the fuck?” his says from behind her.

“What? You didn’t realise by now, how I just kept on surviving, while everyone else perished? Come on, you’re not seriously that dumb are you?” She feels the cold steel press against the back of her head. “How long have you know?”

“Two days.”

“They’ll kill you before you…” but her words are ripped from her mouth mid-sentence as the bullet plows through her skull.

“I know,” he says, as the beast charge at him.



Day 201 – Shame – Whispered Words

I am,

I was,

I could be again,

I just need to escape,

to free myself,

from this,




that is eating at me,


turning me,

twisting me,

into something,

you don’t understand,

you don’t,

want to,

you can’t see,

but strangely,

that’s the way I want it,

so when I drive it in,

you won’t know until it’s to olate,

that I was always here,



for something different,

something new,

to take you,

to make me,

see what I see..

Day 201 – Recover – Where I Start

“It’s not going to work, there’s too much damage, she won’t make it!” He yells across the spluttering, screaming engine.

“We’ve got no choice, you have to push it, if we don’t get over that wall, we’re done for!”

He smiles nervously before clenching his teeth, griping the steering wheel with one hand tightly, then throws it it top gear as he plants a foot down on the accelerator, the car lurches forward, then the engine coughs violently and dies


You can view the final soon.


You can also, finish it off yourself, the only rule, this has to be the start, the words can be changed, it can be twisted, a little, but, it still needs to fundamentally be the same beginning.


A New Coat Of Paint And A Slight Change To The Title…..

After 200 days, I thought it was about time I spruced the place up a little, gave it a new coat of paint, and tried to fix, the things that annoy me. There is now a generic header for each post type, I’ve done this because there has been moments when I’m no where near a computer and I can’t get a header completed for a post, so, to fix this, I have removed the need for a new header every post, and replaced is with the aforementioned generic header.

The title of the blog has changed just a fraction, Matthew Tonks’ has been added to the beginning, to make it more, well, more my place on the web, you know, this is where all the crazy stuff my head creates will be posted.

When re-blogging posts from other awesome fiends out there, they will be called Showcase posts, and you will be able to find them under the Something Different Banner, along with all things outside the normal run of the mill blog shite.

The site will under go a complete change over as time moves on, to the new headers and what not, but for now, it’s just the most recent stuff.

I’ll leave you with a little bit of a story, a little opening, on something I’m working on, that should be out, somewhere, soon……

 The blade rips into his flesh as he cuts, using the knife like a saw, bloody torn flesh falls to the floor below him, and he laughs, staring at his reflection.

“‘It was the words that drew it in, it was the night that sealed their sin, the devil smiled from somewhere afar, as our hero burned the dying star, whispered words, vaulted sins, the devils work, forever, begins,” he says, the lights flicker, as energy snaps violently through them, as he continues to look into the mirror, the blood drips from his face into the sink, he grins, his face grotesque, ripped and torn into a mask, in the form of a demented smile, that is now carved in his flesh. With a shaky hand, he raises the bloody knife once more, stretching the skin around his eye with his other hand, then digs the blade in and screams….



Day 200 – Doubt – Where It Ends

“What you think they care if you’re guilty or not? All they care about is closing this case, and making sure the real truth never gets out, and if they have to send you to the chair to make sure that happens, they will! So, get the fuck off your arse and tell me what really happened that night!” He yells, slamming his fist into the table, slowly, she looks up at him, from the other side and smiles.

“Do you really want to know? Don’t you like the tale we tell right now? Believing that they’re covering up something bigger, something worse that anything I’ve been accused of?”

“Mary, they’re going to send you to the chair! Don’t you care?”

She laughs, “It’s a little early to be pulling out the passionate rhymes isn’t it John, we’ve only known each other a few weeks, and, I haven’t even kissed you,” she says with a wry smile, he pull son his collar, loosening his tie.

“I can’t believe you’re laughing about this!”

“Why? Do you want me to cry? Would it make you feel better?”

“Well, it would be better than this, at least you’d seem…”

“What? Seem human? Is that what you were going to say?”

“No, not human, I was going to say innocent, why the fuck would I say human?”

“You all go there, eventually, seeing the real me, for what I am, something,” she look across the table at him, as he hangs on her words, and she smiles, “something lost.”

“Something lost? For fuck sake Mary, stop playing these fucking games and just tell me what really happened, let me save you!” He yells, leaping from his seat, the passion, the fear, the commanding tone, makes her smile fade and she looks back down at the table.

“You’re a good man John, a upstanding human, the kind that I once admired,” she says softly. “But, it’s too late for the truth, it will never save me, I-I-I, I was lost before I took their lives, they know it, I must pay for my sins, I must be able to be judged, but the only one fit to do so.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ll tell you a story, one that will, one day, mean something to you I’m sure,” she says, looking back up at him, her eyes, for the first time since these two met, shows a softness. “There was a place one, beautiful, green, warm, a home, where nothing died, only peace, tranquility and knowledge prospered. One day, one of the few who cherished this place found themselves at odds with another, before long, it had blown up into an argument, the first this place had seen. As this had never been before, no one knew what to do, how to resolve it, so, they ran to the elder of the village, the wisest of all. He said it was expected that one day this would happen, and when that day came, he had prepared something, a way to settle all problems, a way to remove the bad, to, put an end to the argument, he called it death. Soon, paradise was ruined, happiness was gone, and, death, ran its wicked hand through them all, the young girl, who had been the one to ask the wisest one for help ran back to him, and begged him to help again, but he refused, saying that this is what she had built, this is what she had made, and now, she must live with that sin. The girl lost her temper, she felt betrayed by the wise man, so she struck out, killing him. When the old man feel, he cursed her, to walk the lands, until the day, she finally understood, truly understood, what she had done,” she smiles, as a tear runs down her face. “See John, I have, after so long, finally, understood, what it is, I have done, and now, I can find my forgiveness in he who gave me life.”

John sits there, motionless, his mouth hanging open, his eyes, wide, “R-R-Really?”

She smiles, “You’ll never really know, will you?”