Day 244 – Sedate Me – Short Story

“How the fuck are you still standing dude? You took, like, the whole fucking dose, that was not the plan, we were like, going to share it around all of us, and you, you fucking took it all!” She yells at him, as he stands there, looking at her through glazed over eyes, drool runs from his mouth and down his chin, forming a log, elastic like string, as it bungees towards the floor. She grabs him by both arms and beings shaking him violently.

“Is there anyone in there?” She calls out, he smiles, will, at least she thinks he does, and then goes white as a ghost, as he empties the contents of his stomach, over her. She stands there is shock for a few moments before letting out a horrendous scream, and he begins to laugh as she runs from the room, he awkwardly turns towards the two others, who as seated on a couch not far from him, both giggling, as they pass a bong between themselves.

“DUDE, THAT WAS FUCKING RADICAL!” One of them yells as, as he hive fives the other.

“Y-Y-Yoooooouuuuuuuu hhhha-ha-havn’t seeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnn aa-a-a-aaaannnnnnyyythingggggggggggggggggggggg YET!” He says as he beings to laugh softly to himself.

“Show us dude, we wanna see it all.”


The two men burst into laughter, “DUDE, you are so wasted!” One of them yells out, through the laughter.

His eyes roll up, inside his head, leaving hollow,  empty sockets, staring at the two, now very silent men on the couch. He extends his arms outwards, and begins to slowly levitate off the ground.

“I think you’re the ones who are about to be WASTED!” He screams as the room is engulfed in a white hot ball of power, that implodes, leaving an empty space where a house used to be, and him, hovering above the ground, smiling still, like someone who’s just been told they’ve won ten million dollars and they’ve only got three hours to live.




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