55 Days Until The End – Escape – 50 Word Story Expanded 

“Just put the fucking matches down, and let me help you!” She screams, his eyes nervously twitch, moving from the match stick in his hand, to the box in the other, and then to her, and back again, “Toby! For fuck sake, LISTEN to me! Whatever shit you’ve gotten yourself into, it’s not as bad as you…

55 Days Until The End – Escape – 50 Word Story 

As the match falls into the gasoline, the room is engulfed with light, he feels the heat hit him, tearing at his flesh, wave after wave, his throat burns, his eyes explode, and then, nothing, the pain, gone, and he stands naked, in darkness, as it stares back at him.

Day 310 – You Are A Fool – 50 Word Story Expanded

“So, how much bullshit is this guy full of?” He asks, pressing the phone against his ear with his shoulder, while reading over the words on the computer screen. “Depends who your talking to, some people say he’s a genius, others will tell you he’s a hack with no skill,” a voice replies to him…

Day 310 – You Are A Fool – 50 Word Story

He sucks in a deep breath, dropping the hammer, it crashes to the floor, as his bladder release itself, and the urine runs down his leg. “W-W-W-What, what are you?” He asks in shock. It moves forward, towering over him, and bends down, as it’s rancid breath wafts over him.

Day 309 – The Ending Is Better – 50 Word Story Expanded 

He raises the shotgun and holds it nervously towards him, “This ends HERE Jedediah!” He yells. A wry smile creeps onto Jedediah’s face, then, he begins to laugh, “Sorry, I know you’re trying to be all macho and shit, but, you look like fucking Cyndi Lauper on acid, after eating three full-grown giraffes.” One of…