26 Days Until The End – Bad Day: My Kiss Goodnight, Part Two – Short Story

So, I’m standing there, my glock smoking, Sally screaming her fucking perky little tittys off, and her boss lying in an ever-growing pool of blood, I’d not only fucked the chicken with this one, I’d also boned the cow, jerked off the bull and performed fellatio on the roster as well, Killdone was going to be pissed.

I left through the back door as the goon squad came looking for the commotion, three shots ripped into the door as it closed behind me, I headed into the darkness of the streets.

Once I was far enough away I made a call, guy by the name of Jackson, enforcer for Killdone, only guy I trusted to have my back, when I told him the score he shat, apparently word on the street was Slim had been getting cosy with a piece of slime by the name of Harry Belenti. Belenti and his small time crew of handmaidens had been pulling a few of Killdone’s big time customers over to their side of the fence for the last few weeks, and Killdone had Jackson running rat, seeing if he could get some inside info that could help bring them down. What surprised me was how afraid of Belenti Jackson was, and couldn’t shut the fuck up about how he’d see Slim’s murder as an execution, Killdone’s way of sending him a message, one that would start a war between the sides, one, Jackson was worried we wouldn’t walk away from.

Once I hung up, I knew there wasn’t much more damage that I could do, I mean, it was oblivious I had to go after Belenti before he went for Killdone, removing Belenti would quell Killdone’s anger and keep my head. So, I doubled back, his goons were still, or so they thought, on my tail. I came up behind them, grabbed the fattest fuck, who was obviously at the back, stuck my six-inch blade through the back of his throat, so he could have his fucking fill of blood, one of the other oldboys saw him go down, he screamed as he turned, finger stuck in the trigger of his SLR Automatic, sliced through two of his buddies and dropped half-a-dozen or more into fatty’s wide arse frame, when his clip ran dry, I popped up, dropped one into his skull and another two into the last of Slim’s freak show body, this guy, I left alive, winged him in the side of the head, I needed a message man.

He begged for me not to kill him, swore he wouldn’t tell anyone, not the game player I’d hoped for, I drilled another into his shoulder, told him he’s alive only because I need him to pass on a message, told him Slim touch my woman, and if Belenti wanted some payback, he could find me waiting at the bar.

Big time game plan, little thought, when I got back, Sally was still crying, local blues had showed up, so I flashed my smile, played house, and soon had them on their way, early on I found out how bullshit the, who you know line is, it’s not who you fucking know these days, it’s who knows of you, and these boys, knew I wasn’t the man to be fucking with. After they left, I sat down, poured myself and drink, downed it, and settled my eyes on Sally, it was going to be a long night, but, at least I had something good to look at.

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