Daily Grind – Lies, Deceit and The Truth, Finally

I have tales to tell, tales of missed opportunities, lost love, grave mistakes and, acts of unspeakable horror. But first, I must address the sanity and heartache that has been lost over this site, the bitterness of lies, and, ultimately the betrayal.

My name is Marty Towns, and, Matthew Tonks stole everything on this site, made it his own, fooling all who believed he was the one who created all these stories, all these character, scheduling weeks ahead, digging through old stories he found in workbooks I though I lost long ago, until someone showed me this site.

Now, finally after months of legal battles, he lost his fight, he lost control of this site, he lost control, because he never had it. Over the next few days, you will see things change, as I reshape what he has done to my works, and build MY legacy, removed from the imposter.

I ask all you loyal readers to please stick with me, and trust, the deceit Matthew forced upon you will be washed away, with a new dawn, with more powerful stories, and a reignited passion that will continue well past the final days.


9 Replies to “Daily Grind – Lies, Deceit and The Truth, Finally”

    1. It’s like he stole my very identity, I mean, how much of ourselves are invested in what we write, how many sleepless moments do we work away, pouring ourselves into the words? All I can do is try and take back what was taken, with the only thing I can use, words. Thanks for your encouragement.

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      1. This alter ego thing is great.

        The charade is going to end violently, I wager. Hopefully this prediction is wrong, but if not at least stream it on pay per view and not some free platform. The Shocking Conclusion is going to be something talked about for generations…

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    1. Thanks, I’d like to change some more things, but for now, for the followers, I’ll keep it all the same, well some of it, just so I can prove I am truly better than that thief who stole my stories.

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    1. Clinging on is all we can do, when the darkness seeps in, when the fools steal our dreams, make away with our souls, we must fight onward, towards the end, and beyond, towards, our destiny…

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