Day 343 – Behind Your Eyes – 50 Word Story

In September of 2016, Matthew Tonks made a change to his blog, and began, what he led you to believe were 50 word stories he had written, and then expanded them into larger, more finished stories.

If you have been keeping up with the blog over the last few days, you would now know that to be a lie, in fact he stole MY stories, picked pieces out of them and called it a 50 word story, then days later posted the full story, claiming it to be an expansion on the 50 word story he had written days before.

The first story he posted was called Eyes, and it went as follows.


“Is it over?” She asks.

“It’s over thanks to you, now rest up, you’ll be okay,” he says as he runs a hand through her blood soaked hair, she laughs softly.

“You still haven’t got this lying thing down yet, your eyes give it away,” she says, closing her eyes.


The actual name of the story was Behind Your Eyes, and it appeared in issue 237 of Fear In Fear Magazine.

He lied to you all, and you accept it, like it was something new, he botched words, changed a name here and there, making it his own, which is laughable.

You can view his apparent finished, or as he put it, EXPANDED version HERE.

Why do I wish you to read his tripe? Simple really, I do this to show you all, that I am the true creator, the better story teller, and tonight I will post a NEW, ORIGINAL PIECE from the above 50 word story. This is the first of many, as it is a way for me to take back my works, I hope you will join me in this journey, and we can all purge the vile memory of the imposter from our souls.



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