Day 350 – We Learn To Lie – 50 Word Story

For the next 50 word story Matthew chose to take his piece from was a story called We Learn To Lie, which originally appeared in issue 298 of Fear In Fear Magazine, below you can read the short that was posted.


Do you think they’ll understand everything that happened tonight?” She asks, looking up from her glass.

“I don’t fucking understand, and I was there, so no, I don’t,” he says as he empties the contents of his glass into his mouth.

“Then what’ll we tell them?” She asks.

“We lie.”


If you’re interested, you can go HERE and read Matthew’s post of my original story he titled Understand.

You’re more than welcome, as always, if inspiration hits, to expand the story yourself, all I ask is that you post a link in the comments below so I can showcase it on the blog.



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