This Perfect Machine Is Killing Me

Blades of glass, piercing skin, tearing open, the blood within, escaping, flowing, draining from its source, which pumps repeatedly, without remorse, this perfect machine,  this body of mine, killing me slowly, its only a matter of time.

Reflux Of The Decay

Whisperings, words written in blood, broken, spirits above, decaying, rotting pieces of flesh, endings, beginning their dance, slowly building, towards its crescendo, can you feel it? As it thrusts harder against the wall, trying to break through, trying to kill, us all.

Bury Me Deep

A silent moment, bathed in darkness, starving my senses, draining me, killing me, bury me deep, encase me in dirt, making into nothing, let me be free.

My Words

Words taken down, placed on pages white, when read form images, and from these images, comes, the nightmares, for I am not gone, I'm  only waiting, for the end to begin!

Nightmares Wide Awake

Wishful thinking, dreams floating through the air, flying through the skies, no prayers, no cares, but dreams end, or become nightmares, what is this? A nightmare? A dream? Or just my reality? my reality of me.

The Forever Sleep

Subjected to your lies, blinded by my eyes, disenchanted, no wishes granted, filled with hate, I wanna eradicate, everything you stand for, everything my eyes saw, I'll break you down, I'll remove your crown, I'll bury you deep, in the forever sleep.  

The Machinations Of Times Hands

Star crossed at birth, never meant to be, never meant to see, joining as one, towards an ending, an impossibility, born from a beginning, that should've never been, perfection, how can it be fought, destinies wicked tentacles, wrap around us, as we share one last kiss, before we end it all.

Nightmares In Peroxide

Seething, writing, agony, broken, is this who I am? Is this me? Is this my life?  Where have I been? What have I become? did I fall so far, did I sink so low, that I forgot, I lost, who I was, and became, who I am, someone I don't know...