Day 356 – The Gift Of Nature – 50 Word Story Expanded

If you want to know how this story started, you can read about it HERE.


“It’ll only hurt for a moment, well, that’s what they tell me anyway,” she says, running a fingernail along one of the protruding veins in his neck before biting down. He gasps for air as her teeth pierce the fragile vein, and his blood rushes out, into her hungry mouth, she casts a glance over at the young girl who crouches petrified in the adjacent corner and smiles as she drains him of all his blood.

The girls eyes grow wide with terror as she tries to pull her eyes away, but, she is spellbound by the sight, the woman drops his now pale, lifeless corpse to the ground and slowly, on hands and knees, makes her way to the girl, as his blood drips from her chin.

“Well, aren’t you the pretty one,” she says, teaching towards her with a bloody hand, lightly brushing the girls hair from her face. “Come now child, don’t be afraid, the big slob filled me, I have no desire to spill your blood as well. Are you, okay?” She says, standing tall and offering to help the girl to her feet, she sits there for some time, staring at the woman before nervously taking the woman’s hand, and stands beside her.

“Do you, not talk?” The woman’s ask as she wipes the blood from around her mouth, while the girl stares at his corpse. “Don’t worry love, he won’t hurt you anymore, not where I sent him anyway,” she says as she slowly begins to hum to herself and dance around the room, giggling to herself until she come to a stop back in front of the girl, extending her hand out, “Care to dance?”

The girl shakes her head, and grips herself tightly.

“Lovey, don’t be like that, come for a spin?” She says merrily.

The girl shakes her head again, and the woman pouts.

“Come on lovey, I did just save your life, can’t you at least give me one spin around the room as a thank you?”

The girl looks up at the woman and nods as she takes a step towards her, the woman eagerly grabs the girl and presses her tightly against her, it’s then she notices a smile creep onto the girls face, “He wasn’t going to hurt me,” the girl says, as she drives a blade deep into the woman’s chest. “I was hurting him,” she says with a wicked smile.

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