One Love – Short Story – Twisted Roads – An Anthology Of Twisted Tales

To celebrate the release of the first collection of short stories, I thought it’d be smart to revisit some of the stories that find themselves included in the collection. This was the first story that I posted on the blog, and to be honest, it’s still one of my favorites. If you enjoy the small preview, sign up to the mailing list to score a free copy of the anthology, or, if you’re feeling crazy, buy a copy!
But, whatever you do, know this on fact, true love, real love, it never dies, NEVER!

The intricacies of my insanity

He swings the shovel violently towards the two men, and blood and dirt flicks off the blade and splashes into the wet ground with the rain.

“I told you to go, I won’t tell you again!” He yells.

“Samuel, son, for fuck sake, she gone, it’s not her anymore. You have to let us do what must be done, you’re endangering everyone with your stupidity!” his father yells back as he avoids the shovels blade as Samuel swings it violently towards him again…..

If you want to read the final version of this short story, and thirty others, follow the link below, or join the mailing list and get a copy for free!

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Twisted Roads – An Anthology Of Twisted Tales – Volume One

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