The Art Of Yazgar – Inspired Madness

My good friend Yazgar had a read of M is for’s final draft, and came up with this dark image. Totally smashed it in so many ways, humbled to know words inspired this.


A quick sketch inspired by a recent short by Mr Tonks over at Twisted roads  Some great, dark poetry happening over there at the moment. Go check it out😉

Timelapse over on my Instagram, Twitter & Facebook feeds as always😉

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Talking Through My Skin

 Subliminal messages etched in flesh, itchy rashes was how it started, I scratched for days, ointments failed, it burned, it stung, the doctors drew blood, but shrugged their shoulder, sent me away, it's then I noticed the words, then sentences, at first I didn't believe what I saw, but as they slowly started to become …

M Is For…..

I'm working on something for another blog, it's an idea that is starting to crystallize, but, I don't know if I'm getting carried away with the set up, or just doing what I normally do, which is have too much fun with dialogue... Anyway, I thought I would share the beginning of my idea. It …