50 Word Story – Past Services Denied

“I cannot be what you want me to be,” she says, gently placing a hand on his. His bottom lip trembles as he fights back the tears, “Why?” ”You know my answer.” ”Then you’ll also know what I’ll do to them, won’t you? They’ll all suffer because of you?” ”Yes.”

50 Word Story – Blades In The Sand

He falls to his knees, clutching at his throat as blood gushes from it, perfectly in tune with his heart. He tumbled forward, hitting the ground with such force, that his head vibrates like a metal drummers cymbal, and, as everything goes dark, he catches a glimpse of her smile.

50 Word Story – The Pledge Of Flesh

He places the bloody blade down at her feet and steps backwards. His deep, recessed eyes stare blankly towards her, while his once twisted face, now emotionless. ”You have done well my pet, now, you can rest,” she says, seconds later he drops to the floor in a lifeless heap.

50 Word Story – Power To Corrupt

“Consider this matter OVER! If you darken my door again, or I hear from anyone, ever, about this bile spewing from your mouth, I’ll do more than show you the DOOR! Do you understand?” ”B-B-B-But, s-s-she’s your daughter, you can’t jus....” ”I can do whatever I wish, whenever I wish!”

50 Word Story – Happens Everyday

“A wet dreams nightmare, that’s what I’d call that!” Emerson says laughing hysterically, as he can no longer hold it in. ”You said you wouldn’t laugh! You promised!” ”Yeah, and you said you’d tell me a story I wouldn’t believe, seems like we both lied. Shit like that happens everyday!”

50 Word Story – Lies Sink Ships

"Three chances down Sammy!" He says as he slithers over him like a snake, and hisses in his ear. "How many more can you afford to lose?" "F-F-FUCK YOU!" Sammy screams back in defiance. "So, Next question?" He says, smiling as he places the knife's blade against Sammy’s index finger.