50 Word Story – Meet Me In The Mirrior

“And I say we turn back, report what we found and get the hell off this rock before we end up like the colonists!” Yagar yells. ”We make one move back and those things will come at us. Right now we’ve got a chance, we dig in and we survive!”

50 Word Story – Family Values

“That’s what I said dear brother, are you getting deaf in your old age?” ”Fuck you Kyle, you’re older than me and I god damn heard what you said. But how in the hell does letting some ancient bone muncher take over my body save the store?” ”Everything, and nothing!”

50 Word Story – Yadam Qelza

“The words, don’t you understand boy it was all in the words. Did you really think making a deal with that thing would be a one way street? You’ve been played, and now the Yadam are coming to collect their payment!” Carter snarls. ”Payment? What payment?” ”Your soul you fool!”

50 Word Story – Fate Of Five

“It’s like the five of us were chosen by fate to be here today, to play our role in this unraveling of everything,” Mary says. ”Bullshit girl There’s nothing fateful about today, or us being here. We just got caught in the middle of someone else’s fight, plain and simple!”

50 Word Story – Are You Me?

He drives his fist into the mirror, and like a ripple in water the cracks shatters outward, twisting his distorted reflection more. ”You don’t control me!” Walter yells. ”Lie to yourself all you want, but it won’t change the truth,” his reflection says, as Walters eyes grow wide with fear.

50 Word Story – Shudder

It’s hand reaches through the hole and releases the lock, then slowly turns the handle. Darren’s eyes widen with fear and he frantically presses himself against the wall as the door swings open and it steps into the room. ”WHAT DO YOU WANT?” Darren screams. It smiles, “I want you!”

50 Word Story – Dead Sleep

“This is bullshit, you’re just reciting a line from some stupid horror movie, do you think we’re all idiot or something?” Calvin yells, thrusting Gregory away. ”The dead ARE rising from their graves, and they hunger for flesh, they hunger for what lives! Don’t be a fool, and believe me!”

50 Word Story – Complete My Sin

“Of course there is pleasure in pain, giving and receiving. For we, the givers seek the one who will complete us, the receiver who will push us past our simplistic ways and into nirvana,” Klaxon says as he ignites the blowtorch. ”Y-Y-You’re seriously f-f-fucked up man,” Tyler stammers in fear.

50 Word Story – Serve And Protect

The stars themselves rip apart as the ships engines surge to life. Blackmore slams his palm down on the drives activation switch screaming. Then everything stands still as the ship pierces the empty space before it, sending a ripple through the skies, then explodes in a brilliant ball of blue.