Change The Way You See Life, Take My Challenge Hobart.

Change The Way You See Life, Take My Challenge Hobart.

My name is Matthew Tonks, and I live in Hobart, Tasmania. In July of 2017 I was made redundant from my place of work because the business had slowly begun to close down ever since the owner passed away in 2015. Initially I thought it was a great opportunity for me to spend time with my 4 year old daughter before she started kindergarten this year. As of this moment, as we enter February of 2018 I have still be unable to find myself a position even though I am regularly applying for jobs within my vicinity of expertise. To date out of the 63 Jobs I’ve applied for since September I have had 3 interviews, 1 meet and greet that should’ve led to the first job I’ve really got excited about since leaving my previous employment, and several phone interviews that have not worked out. Simply put I don’t know what it is I’m doing wrong, I worked my way from a Service Attendant to General Manager of my former place of employment and amassed many skills and abilities as well as a diploma in management along the way, but these have yet to wield anything for me. So I have decided to take a different avenue, as I will now have to start applying for anything and everything as I need to work for bills will not pay themselves and centerlink have not been forthcoming with assistance.

So today, I challenge not only myself, but the very way we employ people in today’s society.

I challenge the job agencies that have deep POOL’S filled with people wanting employment.

I challenge the business of not only Hobart, but the business around Australia to sit up and take note.


My challenge is simple.

I believe I can work a day in any retail job, relying on the skills I already have in place to help me.

So if you’re a southern Tasmanian retail business that has a position available, or you just wish to take me up on my challenge, contact me on today and we’ll talk it out and arrange a day. If you’re not a retail business or you’re outside of my area, please still contact me as I might still do it, we just might need a little more forward planning.

Once a day is arranged I’ll come into your business and we’ll sit down with a camera and talk about what the job is, how you think I’ll go, and how you currently employ staff.

Then it’s the fun part, I’ll work one full day in your place of business in a way to prove that anyone willing to work, can do any job if it’s within their skill set.

At the end of the day we’ll sit down again with a camera and talk once more, and see if either of us have changed the way we see how we employ our staff.

At the end a donation can be made by the employer in lieu of payment to my go fund me page, which will help me support my family and this idea, the address is,

Of course if you just want to donate to my cause, it is greatly appreciated and will not only help me pay my bills, but also continue this movement.

We’ll hopefully get some footage of me working each job, but at this moment we’re going to just try and see what we can start off with.

All the videos will be posted on YouTube, Facebook and my personal webpage as they are completed.

We may even make a documentary out of all this one day.

You can go to the go fund me page here –

Visit YouTube here –

Visit my website here –

Send an email to this address –

Or drop me a message via Facebook.

Well, let’s have you Tasmania, give me your challenges!

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Last To Leave

Don’t take my words for granted,

I’ve been known to lie from time to time,

the wickedness of pulsating penance courses through all I am,

depleting life,

sucking marrow,

spreading disease,

patronising words of wisdom,

from someone far more fucked than you,

dare to stand against me,

when in the end you’ll come to realise,

I am already you.

Pathetic Warrent Within Hate


base my hate on you,

it feeds me,

makes this suffering worth something,

don’t presume to judge me,

I am not without my own darkness,

I am locked within this lie,

created by the one before me,

the one who cursed me with this totem of hate,

lick the pain,

for soon,

you will suffocate yourself,

as I have,

for my tomb,

will soon be yours.

I Choose To Desecrate This Existence

See me,

see all of me,

don’t look away,

don’t allow your fear to control your emotions,

even though fear is the only emotion you feel,

see me,

see all I am,

allow your eyes to witness my naked form,

in all its beauty,

see me,

see everything that is,

take my hand and journey with me down into the depths of your own self,

and allow me to see all of you.

Red Puddles

The world looks different through its reflection,

twisted and perverted,

dark and subversive,

how bitter it is to swallow,

we breathe night and day,

we struggle to survive,

we yearn just to live,

only to die in the end,

on a journey towards whatever we let ourselves believe,

because we can’t accept,

that there’s nothing after this, otherwise,

what’s the use in living.

Send Your Pledges Here

Minuscule responses from an expensive ad,

money poorly spent,

desperation is now all I have,

they can sell it for you if you have,

a face that they all know,

but when your nothing,

a nobody,

you’ve got to sell your soul,

sell it fast,

sell it cheap,

become a massive slut,

for if you wish to dine with riches,

you’re going to have to suck a lot of cock.

Mirrored Windows

Gaze beyond and see the bitterness of sin,

how it has misshaped all that I am,

twisted my light into darkness,

can you see?

Behind my eyes it hides,

waiting in the tears I shed,

wishing for a tomorrow that can never come,

for my yesterday is battered and torn,

and I am something else,

existing in this form.

Suffer Me

They lie,

those wicked words of testament,

winding their way through,

twisting their way around,

tearing their way in,

to complete the sin,

that was made when you were birthed,

so softly was your start,

how bitter was your end,

come bathe in this,

sit down and sing,

for there is nothing here for you,

but the darkness of forever.

Take Heart To The Things They Say

Moments lost in eyes of lies,

the mildness of their cares,

shines from within their withered formes,

sickness of life,

desires whispered from dreams of the sin,

my grotesque monster,

that hides inside,

waiting to devour me,

from the inside out,

for you see,

I do not fear the beast that is irrevocably my own self,

even though I wish I did,

for then I would stand a chance to survive.

Sanctuary Of My Insanity

Pasted from pieces of my dismembered mind,

are pictures of all the things I left behind,

my sanity lost in this nightmare,

of what was,

what is,

what may,

lights flicking,

my head-splitting,

a beast emerging from within,

my sin given flesh,

my sin given form,

my light adrift,

my life torn.