We The Many – Short Story

He removes the glasses and stares at her with wide eyes, then allows a nervous smile to expand his lips.
“What is is, is not. For that has been what we have taught through the eons. Your world is whatever you wish it to be. There is no all-controlling powers that shape your journey. It is only you who is the affirmation of what is, is,” he says as he places his glasses back on and settles in the seat again.
“How does it feel, when you wake up from these dreams and realize that you spend more time in his delude world of fiction, than you do in the world of flesh and blood?”
“Don’t!” He says, clenching his teeth together in anger. “We are on the edge of an abyss that is changing everything we are, everything we were. Sleep, the sleep of matter is the final dawn of what we have come to be. Tomorrow will forever be digital, and the flesh that houses our wayward spirits will be nothing more than a memory drive, housing our data.”
“Tomorrow will be too late. For our species to survive we need to evolve, not declassify our flesh as obsolete hardware. Just because you’re not born into a body worthy of your so-called seed, does not mean that you invent a virtual one that is shaped into the lie you wish the world to see.”
He laughs, “The flesh is dead woman, tomorrow is for the mind’s eye.”
“And what if your boy, your useless flesh were to be destroyed while you played in this stupid game. What then?”
“There are safe guards in place against threats of those nature, tomorrow is protected.”
“How sure are you?”
He laughs again, “I’m sur..” He stops mid-sentence as he feels something disrupt his live feed, then somehow the two worlds simultaneously exist within his mind. “W-W-W-What have you done?”
“I’m showing you your end, for nothing will stop the revolution of flesh and bone!”

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