Everything Costs More – Short Story

He pulls his belt free from its clasp and undoes the button to his pants. He lets out a muffled grunt as he lowers his fly and lets the jeans carelessly fall to the floor, followed moments later by his boxes. He belches as he lowers himself down and awkwardly makes himself comfortable on the toilet seat, gently placing his iPhone on the bare flesh of his leg.

“Okay honey, let’s hope you’re still on,” he whispers out loud as he opens up safari and quickly selects one of his faviroute links in a bar at the bottom of the app.

Moments later the screen flashes and reveals a dark room with only the outline of an empty bed to be seen.

“Hello stranger,” a voice says softly.
Quickly he types in the chat bar,

‘Hello baby, sorry I’m late’

“It’s alright sugar, I don’t mind waiting for you,” she says softly as he sees something move underneath the sheets that lay over the bed.

‘Can we go prvt?’

“Honey, if you’re paying the bill you can take me anywhere.”

He quickly presses on several selections and the screen lights up, declaring that they are now both in a private room.

‘It’s been too long’ he types.

She laughs, “Honey we only saw each other a few hours ago. Or should I say, you saw me a few hours ago. I haven’t ever seen you yet honey.”

‘I know, one day maybe. But my wife, she’ll never understand’

She laughs again, “Honey you need to move that woman on, in the only one you should ever have on your mind,” she says as her shadowy form becomes more obvious.

‘It’s complicated baby, you know that’

“Oh sugar, I know. But let’s not waste this time, let’s use it for all the right reasons,” she says as her legs fall over the side of the bed and she sits up, her face now almost in view.

‘Oh baby, you’re ducking gorgeous’

‘*fucking. Bloody autocorrect’

She laughs, as she falls forwards and her lifeless body topples onto the ground and another figure slowly moves into view.

“This one is going to cost you a lot more than the usual Freddy,” a deep scratchy voice hisses, as Fred feels something touch the back of his neck.

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