It Was The Best Of Intention – Short Story

He holds the small canister out towards Hamilton, and smiles.
“It’s your job now. For all this to end you have to get this to Travis, he’ll know what to do with it once you let him know it came from me.”
Hamilton slowly backs alway and places his hands in the air.
“Ain’t no way I’m touching that shit man. You can give it to him yourself.”
“B-B-But I can’t,” Shatner says as he gestures towards his bloody and broken legs. “I can’t even stand, and from the amount of blood that’s currently escaping my body I’d say there’s not much hope for me ever walking again. So it is unfortunately up to you, and only you.”
“How the hell does it end up to me? I don’t even care if the world ends man! The end of the world would be like a welcomed raise that’s never going to happen because you keep following me around!”
“D-D-Don’t make it out to be my choices that brought all this about. I’m just a pawn in this like you are, so save your self-righteous crap for someone else and just take the god damn thing,” he says shaking the canister fiercely in Hamilton’s face.
“I said NO! I-I, I don’t have to do anything you say. And so what if everything ends because I don’t go risking my life to get some important piece of DNA to Travis, but what if it doesn’t? What if everything continues on regardless? What then?”
“Are you li-l-listening to yourself?”
“Are you?”
“What the hell does that even mean?”
“It means,” a voices hisses from elsewhere in the room. “That he’s choosing to sit this one out Kyle.”
“Who the fuck is Kyle?” Hamilton says, throwing a concerned look at the now lifeless Shatner, his bottom lip trembles as he searches the room frantically for the owner of the voice.
“It doesn’t matter anymore now does it?” The voice hisses in Hamilton’s war, and from the corner of his eye he sees a hand pitch as night rest on his shoulder. Then it’s head slowly comes into view and it turns to meet his petrified gaze with a broad smile etched across its empty face.

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