It’s All About Presentation – Short Story

“I don’t give a flying fuck what Sanderson said, I want then all removed NOW!” Burkwiz yells as he shoves a pile of books and paper to the floor from Thornton’s desk.
“Don’t you think you’re overacting somewhat? I mean we…..”
“The very fabric of what is hangs in the balance and you ask me if I’m overreacting! You need to take another look outside and question yourself. The very essence of what is, is collapsing in on itself. Pockets of reality are disappearing like someone has taken a huge fucking eraser and rubbed shit out like it was drawn on paper. My very withheld reaction to the complex and overly complicated matter is if I was to be honest, below the level of fear that this sort of thing requires, so how dare you stand there and speak to me like I’m acting like I’m some type of mad man!”
“But you are, don’t you see that! You’re standing in front of me, ranting wildly about end of the world scenarios that you claim are taking place right now with only your boxer shorts and a grease stained wifebeater on. Had you taken the time to dress, shave and present valid information with your wild story I may have been inclined to believe your story, but because you presented me with total and utter insanity on a stick I care not for what you have to say.”
Burkwiz stand there in silence as he stares blankly at Thornton. “A-A-Are you serious? I call you here with the most important new anyone has ever had to give you, in your life, and you‘re concerned that I didn’t dress for the occasion? Do you realize how INSANE you sound?”
“At least I’m dressed,” Thornton replies as he smiles a wicked smile.

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