My Brother Be The Judge And Jury – Short Story

The wind howls through the vacant buildings rooms like a force filled with a life of its own. As if it was searching each and every facet of the building for a hidden treasure, eventually dissipating into nothingness as it reaches a room which is shut of from its prying eyes. A crude black smoke twists and turns its way to life in the centre of the room slowly taking the shape of tall brooding man. He raises a clenched fists and pounds it against the door.

“Come out, come out there’s no place left to hide!” He says in a deep gravelly voice.

She tucks her legs into her chest she tight pulls them closer as she edges herself further into the corner of the room. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” She screams.

He laughs softly, “You know I can’t do that Harzama. You know I’m bound by the oath I made eons ago to uphold the delicate rules that were set in place by our wayward father, regardless of the misdeeds and false betrayals he has cast upon me. So come, remove these wardings and open the door.”

“NO!” She screams back. “I’ll remove nothing! You blindly follow a despot. Hades is upon the soiled earthly plane and you still cast your own kind into the eternal pit without casting judgment upon yourself for these wrongs. Face the true enemy of all. Face yourself and see the darkness you have opened across the land.”

His face pulsates with a dark energy as he stretches then tightens his jaw and squeezes his eyes closed. “I am not the bringer of all this sister, I am but a pawn thrust upon the land with a wicked hand stuck up my arse like a hand puppet. I know full well the things I do, I just don’t care anymore.”

“Then that will be your undoing,” she says softly. Moments pass without rebuttal and she begins to quake with panic. “Brother?” She falls out. The still comes no answer. She burrows her head in between her legs and stares at the floor beneath her, shaking in unadulterated fear as the shadows within the room slowly begins to draw together.

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