A Minute

A minute, turned into a moment, not forsaken is that time, but time that is to be forgotten, within this bindings, within this soul, may not be what was sold, but what was stolen, a look, a glance, a moment or a minute, not was, but will be, not said, but heard, a moment, a …

Whispers Of Vanity

Vain is thy voice, bitter is thy words, hate bathed in blood, sin breathed in, contempt for oneself, glass across the flesh, open up, separated, while you desperately hold on to nothing, writhing and wrestling, with what dances inside, the devil, the demon, the nightmares, of who you hide.

The Cost Seemed Minuscule – 50 Word Story

"The Kiba presented itself to me with an offer of survival and revenge, the price seemingly minuscule compared to the purposed glory,” he swallows and wipes the beads of sweat from his brow before leaning forward and gripping his knees tightly as he stares into the young boys hollow eyes.

For No Reward – Short Story

He digs the blade in up to its hilt and twists. “F-F-For no greater r-r-reward,” Victor stammers before falling to the ground motionless as a pool of blood quickly forms beneath him. “Fool,” Cynthia hisses as she turns to Barron, who’s face is almost green with fear. “Grow up man, you’re only embarrassing yourself.” “B-B-But...” …