Short Story

A Recipe For The Perfect Ingredient – Short Story

“What part of beat the fucking eggs did you not understand?” Javier hisses with excitement as he shoves Claudette out of the way and furiously beats the eggs into a bright yellow liquid before upending the contents into another bowl full of dry ingredients.

“Everything about my recipes, about my creations IS important. From the smallest pinch, to the largest handful. Each must be exact, and added with the same consistency every time. For the slightest variation, the slightest misstep, and all you work so hard to create will be nothing more than a failure,” he says while folding the egg into the mixture. “One day when you are the chef of your own establishment you can do things your way, but while you work beneath my name you will do things EXACTLY as I have instructed, understood?”

“Yes chef,” she whispers, hanging her head in embarrassment as the rest of the kitchen staff stare at her in horror.

He grabs he by the face as pulls her eyes to meet his. “I BEG YOUR PARDON?” He says loudly as her face goes bright red. “I FAILED TO HEAR YOU MY DEAR, CAN YOU SPEAK UP SO WE CAN ALL HEAR YOU?”

“YES CHEF!” She yells.

He smiles broadly and squeezes her shoulder, “Now be a good dear and finish up the passion dolls while I go and make sure none of the other fucks who work this kitchen alongside you are destroying my good name with their barbaric cooking skills. Lord knows I’ve worked long and hard to earn my tier ranking and I will not let tonight of all nights, my final masterpiece be undone by amateur mistakes. Had I more time I would’ve waited for Bourdain, Marco or Puck to share in my final legacy, but obviously time has not allowed for tha…” His words are cut short as the doors to the kitchen swing open and three hood men walk in, come to a stop a few feet from Javier.

“It’s almost time for the main course,” one of them says.

Javier smiles nervously before he turns back to the kitchen staff and begins unbuttoning his jacket, ”The time has come my students, for you to make my legacy stand proudly in the eons of time. Do not feel the pressure of this moment,” he says proudly as he takes his final piece of clothes off. “There is nothing that has not been foreseen, all you need to do is prepare the dish for its final ingredient.”

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