Short Story

Generations Of Blood – Short Story

“So what makes you think I’ll give you what you want, when you give me no reason to trust you or any of your underlings?”

“Trust isn’t any part of this arrangement Nevis. This is a beneficial agreement that relies on neither of us having to trust the other. All we need do is exchange what I have, for what I need and for you to do the same,” Salvador says confidently.

“It’s not as easy as you make it out to be, and you know that. If my father knew what I was doing h….”

“He’d commend you on allowing his legacy to keep its head above water for more moments than time would otherwise allow it to. Take it from me kid, your dad would be proud of the balls you’ve shown today. When we first started out, working the streets for every cent we could bleed out of it we made a lot of survival decisions, decisions that compromised more than just morals. This deal we’re making here, it’s pissweak at best! So don’t feel like he’d be disappointed kid, because he made deals with the devil himself to build everything he had. Shit, we all did,” he says with a boisterous laugh.

Nevis smiles nervously as he places an dull orange stained envelope onto the table and pushes it towards Salvador, who looks down at it and instantly breaks out in a cold sweat.

“I-I-Is it real-l-lly it?” He asks through stuttered nervous words, shooting a glance towards Nevis before staring back at the envelope.

“You shouldn’t need to ask, this is as you said an agreement. One that neither of us benefit from unless we uphold our side. So yes, it is his will.”

Salvador licks his twitching lips and dabs a thin silk handkerchief against his forehead before reaching slowly for it. Nevis slams his hand down on the envelope, and quickly sliding it back towards him as Salvador casts him a panicked glance.

“What I want, for what you want,” he says with a broad smile.

“Of course! Of course!” Salvador says as he grabs a small bundle of papers from a pocket inside his jacket and tosses them across the table at Nevis.

“You signed them all?” He asks as he unfolds them and slowly studies each page.

“Of COURSE I did. You gave me little to no choice in the matter!” Salvador barks back gruffly.

“And you read them all? Every last word, on every page.”

“What do you take me for, a fool? Of course I did! Now, if you will be so kind as to uphold your agreed part of the deal,” he says as sweat drips from his twitching lips.

“Of course, I just wanted to make sure you knew exactly what it was that I wanted out of this agreement.”

“Yes, yes! The envelope, NOW!” He yells as his small Tyrannosaurus Rex like arms reach out across the table, and Nevis smiles as he slides the envelope back towards his. They lock eyes once more as Salvador grips the stained orange carcass of the envelope that was once a bold and bright yellow when it was new.

“Did you know that Hector did more than just sell his soul to the devil,” Nevis says as the room falls into darkness.

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