We Are The Fear That Never Dies – Part Eleven

His eyes stare at the smoldering ash as it falls softly to the ground from the end of his cigarette and he breathes a lungful of smoke out, letting out a volatile cough comprised of saliva and blood shortly after.

He looks up into Marilyn’s dead eyes and shoves a shaking fist into his mouth which he bites powerfully down upon as he sobs uncontrollably, piercing the flesh as he does.

“Don’t be like that lover, things don’t have to change between us because of all this does it?” Sam says with a twisted smiled upon her pale face, he quickly raises his revolver and unloads the remainder of the clip into her skull.

“WHY WON’T ANY OF YOU STAY DEAD!” Javier screams as he leaps to his feet, releasing the spent clip and slamming a fresh one in place.

“Come now sweet stuff you can have us both if that’s what your into,” Victoria says as she wraps her arms around him from behind. He thrusts himself backwards slamming her into the wall behind them, but it only strengthens her grip. He tries again and again, with no result. It’s then that Sam’s reanimated corps leaps to its feet one more and she lets out a demented giggle.

“You can’t be free of us Javier, you can’t escape what you did to us. It still hunts you, even inside here, even inside your own mind,” she hisses as she drives a blade deep into Javier’s chest.

He screams with pain as he leaps to his feet, Marilyn’s dead eyes still starting at him. He rips his shirt open, checking his flesh for any signs of a wound, but finds none.

“It’s playing with you,” a voice calls out from somewhere in the darkness of the apartment.

“Towns?” Javier yells.

“Should I be someone else?”

“Don’t make this any worse than it already is. Put down your weapons and come out, I give you my word that I will not harm you in anyway.”

Marty laughs, “I killed your girl, and tired to kill you. You won’t let me live, it’s not how this part of the story plays out.”

“Then you tell me how it’s going to play out, and I’ll let you know how off the mark are,” Javier yells, as he casts a glance over to Marilyn’s body, and for a moment he could’ve sworn she smiled.

“You’re going to kill me,” Marty hisses in Javier’s ear as he holds a blade to his throat.

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