When The Middle Is Really The End, Disguised As The Beginning – Wrapped In Words

Feed the weak to burn the bridges, wet the wall with piss and vinegar, set it alight and watch the flames lick the tenderness from their flesh, caress the lies, soil the truth with yours, build the insanity, condemn all, make it,  break it, sacrifice everything and all, for tomorrow, forever, nothing is too long, …

Sometimes It’s Not Your Hand Holding The Strings Of The Puppet… – Wrapped In Words

Catch and release, cut the vein and watch them bleed, let them run to build the fun, build the fear with terror as the seed, make them feel lost, make them feel frightened, weakening their resolve until its broken with each hallowed cry that ends with them saturated in their own piss, blood, sweat and …

In The Coldness Of Your Own Darkness Will You Feel Nothing – Wrapped In Words

Persuade me with your sinful delights, wash my weathered soul with your greedy flame, rejoice when the darkness comes from within, cherish it as you wrap yourself tight in my suffering, let it keep the winter cold from your door, for beyond this light, within the darkness, there is only the coldness if nothing, the …

When Shit Rocks Your Boat, Carry Yourself Like A Fucking Man And Swing High! – Wrapped In Words

Classy motherfucker, suffering some brutal separation anxiety and all that shit, so let’s get some understanding and repeat after me, cause the darkness spreads tonight, as it’s rings devour everything insight, now close your eyes, and trust in his lies, cause you’re a classy motherfucker and nothing you're gonna get is free, this so-called utopia …

A Madness Written Within Words, But Hidden From Sight – Wrapped In Words

Four days before the end I was asked to be a part of something else, something I didn’t want to do, something I didn’t believe in, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of the prize that waited at the end, had I known how tainted it truly was I would’ve never been here, had I …

Salutations From A Bitter Pill That You Must Swallow (RELEASE ME!) – Wrapped In Words

A rotten sickness of the inner psyche, it’s membranes torn and twisted into a shape unknown, broken down like perfectly ground salt, betrayed by a selfless traitor who persecuted all those around you, selling a vision so sweet that you could not resist its allure, but once you were in its mouth, it closed like …

Head Downward He Said, Head Downward And Face Your Sins! – Wrapped In Words

One foot in front of the other, steps running deep into the bowels of the very earth itself, as I descend into the depths I feel its presence more than I ever have before, it's almost suffocating, the pressure on my back, the tightness of its hold around my throat, the deeper down I go, …

Constipated Words (DIARRHOEA IN A SYMPHONY OF SINS!) – Wrapped In Words

Constipation of words not shit, nothing coming out no matter how hard I push, suffocation of my senses, confusion of my mind, lost moments of time repeating, a vulgarity of mistakes not mine, save me from this deliverance, release me from this pain, save me from my penance not pain, release me from this sin, …

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