Watch Me Open Doors In A House With No Walls – Wrapped In Words

Welcome back, I’m glad came, I’m glad you returned to the place, you once called home, there’s no looking back, there’s no regrets to deep, this broken household, is a sin too deep, so open up, and give us birth, for we are the many, we are the earth, wicked winds, twisted times, the sickness is spreading, on comes the end time, shadowed (SHADOWED!) faces, deceitful (DECEITFUL!) words, betrayal (BETRAYAL!) by the lover, cursed (CURSED!) by your foes, tomorrow, forever, (UNTIL ALL THE STARS DIE!) until all the stars die, the deceiver, (THE MASTER!) the one with no name, let them come, let them be, let them see what the others should have known, let them see me, (SEE US!), for now you (WE!WE!WE!WE!WE!) are home!

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