It Was But A Simple Thing, But There Was No Air To Breathe – Wrapped In Words

Ghosts of the past haunt my twisted mind, Lost between a wanted heaven and a self-imposed hell, Let’s take a breath and just breathe, Just breathe, For the soft embrace you give is grander than the coldness that death promises me, Wishful moments lost in a deceptively confused time that cries for sense, But offers …

Captivating Audiences Dumbstruck With Awe As They Watch The Death Of A Fallen Queen – Wrapped In Words

Delicate hands twist violently around the throats of supposed threats, Visions of deceitful intent cascading through the mind's eye, Ignorance of the truth, Blinded by the lies that spread themselves through your thoughts, Disregarding the facts Even when the fiction is so obvious, You lie to yourself to continue on, For without your lies, Without …

I Wore The Innards Of An Insane Child As My Skin, And No One Blinked – Wrapped In Words

Clean the rot from within with a fork as we drive away the infection of our own self, A self more like a disease than a being we trust to hold control over our reality, For the forever we are is only found through the wisdom of inner peace and acceptance, But with all things …

Fantastical Whispers Of A Species That Has No Variations Between Male And Female – Wrapped In Words

Prophesies associated, Fermented beverages a plenty, The victims lined up like unaware ducks in a barrel, Saint Maria closes her eyes, The world bleeds, all too late do they see the lies, Sacrificial lambs to the slaughter, Brandished weapons as the motivators, Deception from those we idolise, Fucking too dumb to realise, The victims line …

Beneath The Sutures Of Who I Was Grew A Version Of The Monster I Was To Become – Wrapped In Words

Sacrificed humanity for a kingdom lost, A wickedness so beautiful, A sadness so mournful, A child lost to adulthood, A princess who became a queen, A tomorrow that had so much potential, A today that suffers from within, Deceivers a many, My cries not heard, As my soul burns away, Sucked into the emptiness of …

I Saw A Destiny That Held No Place For Me, Or Those I Served – Wrapped In Words

The wilderness of a fate that has no end begins somewhere, Yet the answered questions still leave themselves open for more, A disturbance that has no real folly, A joke that has not punch line, A rule without reason, The blood that flows has no significance, The deaths of nihilism resets themselves in eyes of others …

Windows Be The Eyes Of Misfortune When Tailored To Fit – Wrapped In Words

Raise the arms of destruction, Resuscitate the fallen, Sever the hidden, Futile attempts give answers where they were not before, Questions never asked for fear of answer, Answered, See for the lies involved, Tomorrow destined to be, Yesterday without purpose if lost in the forever of what was, Sickness inevitable, Servitude worthlessness, Winter is coming …

A Withered Window Of Smoke Descended Upon The Small Kingdom Of Mankind – Wrapped In Words

Foreign bodies clothed in deceit, sorrow, constitute my undoing while vomiting the paternal resentment of oneself, see the flames lick the flesh, feel it wash away the scars of yesterday, building the walls of victory bathed in blood, take the steps ahead without remorse, feed the beast that lay at your feet for it will …

Haggard Wisdom Sets The Motions Of A Dying Star Into Life – Wrapped In Words

Transmutation of a wickedness that seems unrelenting, a soulful banshee that once had a voice all its own that suddenly stopped only to be replaced by a harrowing nothingness that persuades a repetition of unforgivable actions upon us all, self-sacrificing withering worms slithering between the now and worthlessness of a tomorrow that never seems to …

Separation Of The Head From Thy Shoulders – Wrapped In Words

Satisfying alternatives to an unreasonable request, implementation of a new style, regurgitating something older than before, masking the worship with new colours, fermented waters warm with age, lost moments forgotten with time, tomorrow is a mirage of salty proportions, escalating into a wave of whimsical decadence, a new form of prohibition, designed to suffocate, handed …

Rabbit, Rabbit, Bitch Witch Feel My Forthright Power – Wrapped In Words

Laminate the destiny within me, show the world this version of who I forever should be, deceive the wicked with the smoke born of a thousand mirrors, reflect my commandments into the mind if killers, spoil the wicked, saturate the pure, suffocate the godly, alienate and purify, raise the guilty about them all with purpose, …

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