To Be Haunted By A Past That Never Happened – Wrapped In Words

I’m woken,

I’m awake,

I see all things for what they truly are,

Lies that I once thought were true,

Now present themselves in a new light,

I’m a new way,

Erasing parts of myself,

Erasing things I thought were mine,

This place,

Their faces,

My happiness,

Replacing it all with a bitter fact,

A twisted smile that’s cut into her pale face,

Her empty eyes with their endless stare,

Her words more like riddles than sentences,

These things,

These facts,

Her words,

Are something I’ve seen, heard and felt before,

It’s coming,

As is my end…

The Ghost Of Those Who Have Yet To Die – Wrapped In Words

Madness carves it’s crooked name across my life,

Touching everything I’ve ever been,

Everyone I never could be,

The lies I wished were me,

Sadness calls in the darkness while I sleep,

Promising me a place to curl up and be complete,

It promises me everything,

It promises me safety beneath my skin,

Faltering and falling beneath my own self,

A ruling hand of insanity owned by no other,

A face underneath my own that I don’t know,

A paranoia that won’t quit,

An emptiness that can’t be filled,

Another me,




It promises me everything I’ve ever wanted,

It shows me the me I pretend to be,

It shows me the never was,

The never will be,

The man in the mirror who’s not me..

It Was But A Simple Thing, But There Was No Air To Breathe – Wrapped In Words

Ghosts of the past haunt my twisted mind,

Lost between a wanted heaven and a self-imposed hell,

Let’s take a breath and just breathe,

Just breathe,

For the soft embrace you give is grander than the coldness that death promises me,

Wishful moments lost in a deceptively confused time that cries for sense,

But offers no escape only silence,

Without a voice,

Only the endless darkness,

Without hope,

Without a destination,

How much can I ask for,

When nothing is all I have,

For everything that ever mattered has gone away,

Let’s just take a breath and just breathe,

Just breathe,

Until you cannot…

Through Crimson Eyes I See The World For What It Pretends To Be – Wrapped In Words

The drugs sedate all of the fears,

For now I go forward completely understanding the dangers before that face me as I go forward,

As the curse of who we are plays its hand,

Stay with me,

Let you be the last thing I see,

Nothing you can take,

Something only you can give,

Let the light shine one last time on us,

Let the world show its wonders before I go,

Stay with me,

Let you be the last thing I see,

Nothing you can take,

Something only you can give,

Let the waves wash over me,

As I take my last moments,

As we make our last memories of you and me,

For the children we once were are now gone,

And now the silence has come,

Stay with me,

Let you be the last thing I see,

Stay with me,

Nothing you can take,

Something only you can give,

Stay with me,

Let you be the last..

And In The End All I Saw Was A Beginning – Wrapped In Words

A whisper in the dark,

A tale told in secret,

A wonderous story of eruptions,

A sorrowful wail of pain,

The ebbs and flows of life itself written in the blood of humanity,


Passed on,

Spread like a disease to the next who has never heard the words of its magnificent journey,

The child,

The princess,

The saviour,

How she climbed the mighty hills,

Battled her way over the walls of the decaying castles as it looks pathetically over the lands it once ruled,

How she fought with valour and rightfulness,

And the evil did fall at her feet,

The land exploded with life,

While inside she decayed,

And then like a broken mirror she reflected all the hate that twisted inside her poisoned form onto the world beyond her flesh,

Only to have the serpent of infinity come back around and complete its twisted ends,

For sickened queen,

The wicked bitch,

The once sweet princess with golden hair did meet her end on the sword that she once used…

Captivating Audiences Dumbstruck With Awe As They Watch The Death Of A Fallen Queen – Wrapped In Words

Delicate hands twist violently around the throats of supposed threats,

Visions of deceitful intent cascading through the mind’s eye,

Ignorance of the truth,

Blinded by the lies that spread themselves through your thoughts,

Disregarding the facts Even when the fiction is so obvious,

You lie to yourself to continue on,

For without your lies,

Without your self-deception,

You are nothing but an empty shell,

A husk of the warrior you once was,

A child born to rise to the top of the hill,

Only to fall back down again by your own hand,

A child,

A warrior,

A princess,

A queen,

A liar,

An emptiness never to be filled…

I Wore The Innards Of An Insane Child As My Skin, And No One Blinked – Wrapped In Words

Clean the rot from within with a fork as we drive away the infection of our own self,

A self more like a disease than a being we trust to hold control over our reality,

For the forever we are is only found through the wisdom of inner peace and acceptance,

But with all things a wisdom earned is never granted to those who do not fight for the luxury of sleep,

For in the depths of deep sleep do we find true conversations with the being who hides beneath all the lies and layers of rotting flesh,

Diseased mould,

Spoiled soul,

Soiled pants,

Tonight’s our finale dance,

Because death has come looking for the queen with the palest eyes…

Fantastical Whispers Of A Species That Has No Variations Between Male And Female – Wrapped In Words

Prophesies associated,

Fermented beverages a plenty,

The victims lined up like unaware ducks in a barrel,

Saint Maria closes her eyes,

The world bleeds,

all too late do they see the lies,

Sacrificial lambs to the slaughter,

Brandished weapons as the motivators,

Deception from those we idolise,

Fucking too dumb to realise,

The victims line themselves up unaware of the surprise,

Saint Maria closes her eyes,

The shots are fired,

As the world cries,

We suffocate our children in their beds at night,

We act all brave while we stand in the light,

But as soon as the sun goes down and we’re faced with the realities of a fucked up society,

We back away like cowards unable to control our ruptured anxiety,

Saint Maria closes her eyes,

The blade tears at the flesh,

As the darkness begins to rise,

Saint Maria closes her eyes,

While the beast grows its army,

Saint Maria closes her eyes,

To shield her from its gaze,

Saint Maria closes her eyes,

As the world dies…

Beneath The Sutures Of Who I Was Grew A Version Of The Monster I Was To Become – Wrapped In Words

Sacrificed humanity for a kingdom lost,

A wickedness so beautiful,

A sadness so mournful,

A child lost to adulthood,

A princess who became a queen,

A tomorrow that had so much potential,

A today that suffers from within,

Deceivers a many,

My cries not heard,

As my soul burns away,

Sucked into the emptiness of life as it is,

A void filled darkness of nothingness,

Screaming our names,

But they are only memories,

Of passages and people long forgotten,

Though the scars remember,

For even though they heal over in time,

Their roots twist and bind themselves to the very being,

The create,


Someone new,

Who do your scars make you out to be?

Is who you are beneath them all the same child you once were?

Or are you the monster we have always known you to be?

Shed a tear and turn out the light,

For bitter queen,

Fairest lord,

Your sword will be your own undoing…

I Saw A Destiny That Held No Place For Me, Or Those I Served – Wrapped In Words

The wilderness of a fate that has no end begins somewhere,

Yet the answered questions still leave themselves open for more,

A disturbance that has no real folly,

A joke that has not punch line,

A rule without reason,

The blood that flows has no significance,

The deaths of nihilism resets themselves in eyes of others lost to time,


Ever approaching,

Never ending,

Twisted madness,

A simple moment of weakness,

A tale to be told of a kingdom pure in gold,

And a queen who bathed in the blood of those who made her…