This Was Never Meant To Be Anything More Than A Page In A Book – Wrapped In Words

Wickedness was a thing hidden from my self, twisting and turning inside my own head, days turned into weeks as I played by their rules, while my inner self stewed in juices created by mankind’s stiffening salvation, it wasn’t until I questioned the silence as I lay dying did I find out the answer to all of my questions, the answer to my fate, salvation was not ours to be given nor earned, salvation was a word created by a jealous child punished by the only parent they ever knew, we stand in this place, we created our own rules, we created our own delusions, we created our own misery, this life was, this misery was of our creation, this life was, these self suffering rules were of our own retains, this life was, this life was never meant to be, was never meant to be, never meant to be, meant to be! MEANT TO BE!

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