Madness Poems Whispered Words Wicked Words Wrapped In Sin Wrapped In Words

See My Body Engulf Your Sun

Like a supernova clawing at your ying,

The power of your heart comes from the words we sing,

As the moments fall down around our heels,

We break down the walls not on what it is but how it feels,

Scuba diving in the endless forever,

Making every moment last for ever and ever,

A brilliant flash of light,

A self guided fire burning bright,

And end and a beginning in the same moment,

A birthing of commitment in the waters of atonement,

For tomorrow’s horizons see what can be,

On the back of the beast they come to take me,

But no ones going to take me alive,

I will be the only one to survive,

Like a supernova clawing at your eyes,

I will be all that survives!

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