A Puzzle Within A Puzzle – 50 Word Story

“Simplicity is a defining term within itself, it means simple. This is not simply, simple. It is more of a puzzle, within a second puzzle, that has no connection to the third puzzle that must also be solved, even though it states it is not important enough to be solved..

Care Be for My Brother – 50 Word Story

...“You know this is the only way it was ever going to end, don’t you?” Dale says, as he drives a powerful right into the side of her head and knocks her to the ground. “W-W-Why?” She stammers as her world spins violently around, and her head throbs. “W-We cou-could’v...

My Mother Said You Would Come – 50 Word Story

...”She talks to me sometimes, in the middle of the night. She tells me things, she told me you would be here this day, and what I had to do,” he looks over to Bronte quickly, then stares back down Sarah’s ear, his lips quivering. “I-I-I, I like your friend...

Icing on the Cake of Life’s Choices – Unhinged Poem

Secluded intention given to fly,  dictating governments, with pornographic content, the internet’s secrets, the true nature of the beast,flooded with pictures of women, naked and free, clogged to capacity with pictures of penises, harder than ever could be, for today is lost in a world of idiocracy, where wisdom’s not given, and stupidity is for free, …

In The Heat Of The Flame – 50 Word Story

He nods his understanding, and smiles nervously, his bottom lip trembling. “Your Mum’s telling you the truth honey, we didn’t leave Uncle Barry, he chose to stay behind and..” “And help everyone that was trapped in the cells out the back of the police station were released,” Sherry interrupts quickly.