Father And Sons – 50 Word Story

“That thing has a name, and if you choose to ignore it again, I’ll show you what’s more important.” He says passionately, thrusting the gun towards David like a knife. “Simon is my SON. He is made from OUR deoxyribonucleic acid, and he is THE MOST IMPORTANT scientific advancement today!”

The Stone in Your Bloody Hand – Unhinged Poem

Within the soil beneath your feet lies the sins of modern man, a bathing of ritualistic needs and wants, belligerent, befalling the cross of another’s beliefs, do not judge, when you are incapable of judgment, for the stone in your hand, is a sign of your deception, shielding your lies with my pain, prophesies are taken, lives are never forgiven, see me fly as you …

Salt the Flesh Broken Open – Unhinged Poem

Engage me, don’t segregate me, witness the failure, through the eyes of the destroyer, a gentle calm, a sadness lost in the acted feelings, frustration a figment of overzealous imagination, a machination of purposeful moments, stacked upon the last, with some last lost past, hidden, given, moments…

Not That Kind Of Doctor – 50 Word Story

Why should I want anything?” “Because you’re here, and you never come unless you want something. So just tell me and get it over with, as you can see, I’m in the middle of getting absolutely shit faced.” Floyd says as he grabs another beer from the table, sculling it....

What Is in An Imaginary Memory – 50 Word Story

She swallows as she nervously pulls a packet of cigarettes from her jacket, and places one in her mouth. As she lights it, she takes a deep breath in and then looks up to her brother’s menacing gaze. “Do you remember Clare?” “You mean imaginary Clare?” “So that’s a yes?”

Wicked Diseases Woven in Roots – 50 Word Story

He scoffs, “Aside from all these flimsy bits of information, you have nothing to really support your claims that Dion is the cause of the disease, correct?” “Yes, b…” he doesn’t get to finish as Garrison holds up a hand. “This conversation is over Patrick, go and continue your research!”

A Simple Intrusion – 50 Word Story

“You brought that upon yourself, you know that, don’t you?” He says through clenched teeth. The only answer he receives is her cries, so he slaps her again across the other cheek, harder this time. “Do you want another?” She shakes her head vigorously. “Good, now the question. Why lie?

Sam The Man – 50 Word Story

“Sam The Man,” Officer Hedwig says, they both turn to him, then Simon turns to Fiona. “Name ring a bell?” “He was the Christian Construction worker, right?” She asks, as she turns back to Officer Hedwig. “Yeah, he was a ritualistic poster. Every Thursday he’d send her a new post...”

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