Soil To Stain My Soul – Unhinged Poem

Power and promise, a tale untold, a firefly lighting the darkness, my breath it is cold, forgiven is the stranger, lost in the love, open the door to the destitute, father, mother, they grow old, wisdom lost in the dirt, shoved over their heads, a tomorrow unlike today, a tomorrow where we are all dead….

Webbed Lies Across Your Eyes – Unhinged Poem

A weaving of sickness, wickedness is webbed, frustration silently silenced inside my head, a mirror, a mirage, radiating from within, forgiveness not asked for, a hole in my head, bastard sons, guilty pleasures not noticed, fornicate my pendulum of oppression in forked tongues, gentle is the kisses, without, within, see through the darkness, see me hiding inside this skin…