The Infected Insects – 50 Word Story

He chuckles loudly, “Well sweetheart, from where I’m standing, your Daddy ain’t nothing but a cum stain on my pants. So why don’t you just turn around and let me and my boys take turns inside that perky little arse!” He says as his other hand grips her buttocks tightly.

Speedway Junkie – 50 Word Story

“Die down near the stream said the diermantra, die I did and so will you,” a dry voice croaks from beside him, he scrambles desperately out of the car and stares back into the wreckage terrified. “B-B-Bella?” He says nervously through shaking lips. For several moments there is no answer.

Wee-Dickybird – 50 Word Story

Fergus says with a burly laugh. “Did you see that shite Wee-Billy? Did you see that crazy cunt jump across then room like he was auditioning for some real American superhero bullshite?” Wee-Billy curls his lips, and spits a wad of saliva to the floor. “Aye, I fooking saw him!”

Rooms End – 50 Word Story

She looks at him coldly, “She can’t read at that sort of level, not yet, and what news stories? This place is old, but it’s hardly newsworthy anymore. The boy, the one she said told her all this shit, did you know he died in her room seventeen years ago,”

It Is A Folly Unfelt – 50 Word Story

“Overdramatic? I am not being overdramatic, I am being honest and forthright. You asked me a question and I have given you an answer. Is that not what you required?” He smiles, “I required an answer, you are correct. But you gave me a picture painted in a thousand colours."

Conversations On The Floor – 50 Word Story

“Don’t you fucking say anal, don’t you fucking dare!” She says quickly interrupting him. He laughs nervously “ T-T-That’s not what I was going to say,” he stammers. “Okay then big shot, what the fuck were you going to say, if it wasn’t anal?” Silence hovers between them for some moments.