The Blind Sword Of Delkathra – 50 Word Story

A sarcastic clap grows louder as a shrouded figure strides proudly from the shadows that paint the earth beyond the circle of blood that Lambert now stands at the centre of. “No one before you has been so destructive, unless you count the deeds I have done with this hand....”

My Scar Is Not My Choice – 50 Word Story

”I used your words to draw my scars. What could I leave?” He hisses through clenched teeth as he glides around the floor like a shark lost in an ocean of blood trying to find the sea to breath. “My scars are deeper. My scars you can’t see,” she says.

A Mistake Not Yours – 50 Word Story

“I don’t like it when my toys are broken before I can brake them myself,” she says as she pirouettes, and then comes to stop in front of another young woman, this one stares at her with tear filled eyes. “Ah, that’s better, a live one!” “P-P-P-Please,” the girl stammers.

Them Bones – 50 Word Story

With its other hand it thrusts its fist through its chest, grips its spinal column and pulls it back through, severing whatever life it had. It stands there and lets out a low growl, almost as if it was purring, then stands up straight once more and sniffs the air...

Semblance Of A Sharp Turn – 50 Word Story

"With all the shit going on in the world, I’d rather not shake your hand. Being a stranger and all,” he says. She stares at him with a raised eyebrow and retracts her hand. “You had no qualms thrusting your unprotected member inside that street whore minutes ago, did you?"

Chills – 50 Word Story

William screams silently into the blistering cold and then falls to his knees as agony courses across every inch of who he is. “I AM NOT READY!” He bellows into the oncoming storm, trying in vain to keep his sight on the prize, which is almost within his Icy grasp.