My Little Raven – 50 Word Story

”You speak with the purposed reason, to preform clarity, but show weakness on levels that should remain hidden.” Angelica smiles and plays delicately with the butt of her cigarette, running her tongue across it like it was her lovers clit. “My little Raven, you mistake my captivation for a weakness.”

A Penance For Vengeance – 50 Word Story

“FUCK!” He screams into the sky, as tears stream down his cheeks. He turns his head to the right and stares at her empty eyes and lets out a long deep sigh. “T-T-T-This wasn’t what I planned, I-I-I, I,” he says softly as he looks back up into the sky.

Split The Deck – 50 Word Story

She lets out a stuttered sigh and slams an open hand down onto the table. “WHY DON’T YOU TELL US WHAT IT WAS THAT YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE DOING THERE, AND I’LL LET YOU KNOW HOW CLOSE YOU ARE!” “O-O-Okay, keep your tits on.” He says with a childish giggle....

Hear Me Sway – Unhinged Poem

Clean radio, pie sounds, wishful thinking, a penance for your pound, ecstatic circumstances, simplicity profound, watch me dance, watch the blood flow down, tears falling, fear calling, treading water, diversity drawn on shades of red, humanity dying, civilisations crying, sunlight fading, as the final moon rises...

Designed For Free – Unhinged Poem

Flesh designed to rip free, music to my ears, the cries and the pleads, a wish not granted, a sea not sailed, progress at the expenditure of life, when the soil is still warm, perceive, promote, promise the world, but don’t foolishly promise the cure, for the cure is not an end..

Ant Hill One – 50 Word Story

“Y-Y-Yo-You. W-W-What have YOU DONE!” Keith stammers as he staggers backwards clutching at his chest. Aaron smiles as he flicks the long locks of hair that have cascaded over his shoulders back behind him, and flippantly laughing as he does. “There is nothing I cannot do, y…” “Or won’t do!”