Sarcophagus Shaped Kisses – 50 Word Story

“ISN’T THERE A WAY YOU CAN EXTRACT THE SEED BEFORE IT HATCHES?” He shakes his head, then robustly rubs the sides of his jaw before gripping the podium once more. “Once the seed has been laid, it is too late.” He holds up a finger, and gestures towards his skull.

Forgive The Soldier Who Was Silent – Unhinged Poem

Flow strong, my wicked friend, see words, meanings you can no longer comprehend, sparkles splinter, dig in and descend, darkness lights, downwards around the bend, fossil foils, a message does it send, hate unaided, no bridges to mend, soiled symbolism, or so we pretend, avid attention, this isn’t poetry this is the end…..

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Deadly – 50 Word Story

"I will not be denied my vengeance!” “W-W-WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! I’M NOT KENDRITH! HAVEN’T YOU ALREADY HAD YOU…..” Kendrith doesn’t get to finish his words as Gavin grabs him by the face, and squeezes his cheeks, purposely puckering his lips up like a fish, then kisses them gleefully.

Bligh Knows The Lies – 50 Word Story

Judge Quilliam slams the gavel down once more, and leaps to his feet. “CASE AWARDED IN FAVOUR OF THE PROSECUTION!” He bellows, as he points the gavel damningly towards Salters and sneers. “YOU MAY BE SOME HOT SHOT, LOUDMOUTH TWIT BACK HOME, BUT HERE IN MY COURT, YOU ARE MINE!”

To Covert The Meal Of Another – 50 Word Story

Her wide eyes fall upon Jared, while her chin tucks itself into her neck. “Food is food, and when you are starving there should be nothing more important than food. If you're stronger than your neighbour, and they are also starving, then the right of devouring is in your favour!”

Star Crossed Wander – 50 Word Story

“You're right, you always are.” She says as she raises a small revolver. “It's true that I've never loved anyone enough to allow them to be part of my world, to be MY world.” “W-W-WHAT IS THIS?” “Poetic license,” She says as she squeezes the trigger and fires a shot ...

A Revolutionary Chart – 50 Word Story

He laughs then backhands her across the face. “When the winter was anew, and the disease was sweeping the globe, life was defined by what was and what is. Today, every breath we take, we should be thankful for, but still your kind exists, trying to push the barriers constantly!”