Let The Snake Die – 50 Word Story

“If they took the truest moment it requires to actually see something, they would see through their false facade, and see the true beauty that lies beneath.” He says with a smile upon his lips. She grits her teeth and allows his venom to spill from her mouth. “Show me!”

The Old Hag In A Wicked Time – 50 Word Story

“Pretty flower,” a voice hisses from the shadows. “You don’t  really know the true answer, you only allow yourself to desperately believe it is. But like all the answers you have discovered upon this wheel of oblivion, it only houses the truth, for the real truth lies at my feet.”

Five Things About Sales – 50 Word Story

“Watching us, waiting, deciding if we are worthy of the next phase, or if they should kill us both and be done with it.” “K-K-Kill us both? Why? What reason could they possible have to kill either of us?” He smiles nervously, as he thrusts a hand in his jacket.

Maximum Maximillian – 50 Word Story

“You will be the all and the everything. You will be the face, the voice and the name of who we are Maximilian. You will have power beyond that of which you begged so freely for, and all you need do is be wunderbar!” she giggles, as she pulls away...