Fickle Web Was – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

“There is a significant difference between a minor mishap, and this pathetic mess you refuse to take the responsibility for. You can either offer me an explanation for the long lasting predicament we now find ourselves in, or you can disassociate yourself from all that you hold dear, and leave, never to return,” Cassandra says …

Door Jamb – 50 Word Story

“YO! FABIAN! MOTHERFUCKER! YOU GONNA STAND THERE ALL DAY ALL STUPID, OR ARE YOU GONNA LET A BROTHER TAKE A LOOK?” Stevie-Ray bellows as he tries to push his way through the door, only for Fabian to grip his head tightly in one hand, and shove him away. “N-N-NO BR-RR-RO!”

Green Thumb – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

“Plants?” Jerry says with a muffled laugh, as he casts a quick glance over to Heather, then back to Simone who glares at him angrily. “You can’t seriously expect me to believe all this shit is because of a feral plant growing out of control?” “Why not? It’s the truth.” “It so isn’t,” he scoffs …

The Dead Field – 50 Word Story

A crack of thunder whips itself into the ground, lighting up the landscape, and the thousand or more frozen forms. Rain quickly follows, falling towards the earth without care or purpose, washing away the mud that has dried upon the dead flesh. He stands silently, showing no signs of life

Spider Legs – 50 Word Story

The spider arches back, lifting its front legs off the ground and balancing gracefully back on its haunches. It lets out a bloodcurdling scream from deep within its throat, and spits a wad of venom toward the small group. Dale grabs his jacket, pulls it up and over his head...

I Am But A Seedling – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

"An unmentionable thing that will forever be wiped from the annual of time. For my sword will not only smite you from existence, it will also rid you from time itself.” “Y-Y-You can’t be serious? Y-Y-You can’t betray what we had?” “I CAN DO WHATEVER I LIKE! I can call the sun the moon, and …

A Risk Prioritised Of Fashion – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

“Seven days! SEVEN DAYS!” Shaun yells as he thrusts a fist into the wall, a handful of millimetres from her face. She glares at him, curling her lips and snarling from the back of her throat. “DON’T BLAME ME FOR YOUR PROBLEMS! WE HAD A DEAL, AND YOU FAILED TO PERFORM AS REQUIRED. HAD IT …

Enamel Coated Bathtubs – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

The water splashes onto his skin with a predestined purpose, hitting the flesh like tiny balls, exploding as they hit their target. The water washes away the blood, and carries it to the enamelled surface of the troth, and then down the drain. “Do you think, he’ll remember?” Deborah asks, as she casts a glance …

Through The Cornfield – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

The door falls to the ground and Lucas stares deathly towards Marian and Fiona. “You’ve both been very, very naughty!” he says through a wicked smile. “The things you’ve said and have done over the last half an hour have contradicted everything you promised me you would do, and now with all my family dead …

Outta The Bags Cat – 50 Word Story

“BRAVO!” a voice calls out, followed quickly by overly enthusiastic clapping, as a scantly dressed woman literally oozes from the shadows. “I’ve seen many a man scream with terror, wet themselves even. But you David, you give me nothing but unadulterated terror, and for that you have my unending admiration.”

Relight Your Fire – 50 Word Story

“The others left you here, forgotten and alone. You are powerless, with no real strength of your own, only that which is given to you by those who blindly follow you. You’re pathetic! I rescind my belief, and in doing that, I make you powerless.” “OH NO! PLEASE NOT THAT!”

Dangers Ain’t Nothing – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

She takes his hand and smiles awkwardly as he helps her to her feet. “You should be more carful sweets, you can’t be sure what dangers lurk out in the darkness,” he says. “How can you be sure I’m not one of those dangers?” “How can YOU be sure I’m not?” “Because I know who …

Forged to Forget – 50 Word Story

“I want you to realise, before I continue, that this will not fix the issues to have begged be repaired, for time has had its way with these things, all it will do is allow you not to care for them anymore. Do you understand?” he says with cold intent.

Tinker Totem Teller – 100 Word Halloween Microfiction Short Story

“Tick-tock Johnston, what’s it going to be?” Stuart asks with a sneer. “I’m not a-af-afraid of you, o-or your woo-oo-dden toy!” Stuart grins broadly, “If you’re not afraid, why do you leak water from your fleshy pours?” he says as he drags a finger across Johnston’s brow, and wipes the sweat from his forehead, then …

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