A Word For An Ear – 50 Word Story

The candle gently flickers in the breeze at first, before the winds come down upon it like a violent storm, relentlessly thrusting itself at the small flame. He casts a fevered glace over to her, and then back at the flame. “Do you see now? Do you finally understand it?”

Read – Stay Classy – First Short Story From 2018’s Halloween Collection

When looking back, many people say 2018 was a far better year than this, so I dared the dream the impossible dream, but in that dream, I saw the horror that was, but still did I venture back... Matt Stay classy, what the fuck is it supposed to mean? I mean seriously, when some fucking …

It Escapes Me – 50 Word Story

“That’s what I mean Damon, you can’t be trusted.” she says with a evil grin upon her face. “I didn’t realise it was a negative.” “You wouldn’t, your kind never do.” “My kind? Are you shoehorning me into a category?” “If I could, I’d shove you in something far finer!”

Babies Bonnet – 50 Word Story

The blade digs into the flesh, tearing at it like a newborn baby does its mothers teats. He lets out a gargled cry for help, while he helplessly stares into her glee filled eyes. “W-W-Why?” he stammers. “Sometimes there is no way lover, sometimes it is just what it is.”

Tree Sap Sandwich – Unhinged Poem

A walnut brown, twisted frame, hard bodied surfer, semen stains shorts, blisters on the palms of hands. surgical percussion, transgender lies, mythical bathtubs falling from the sky, wanting wisdom, while believing lies, whispered words of intimacy, an exit turned into an entrance, friendships lost, weathered worn, my eyes darkened, forgiveness nevermore….

Cavaliers – 50 Word Story

They stand staring out of the doorway, mesmerised at the nothingness that quietly sits before then. “Do you think it’s true? Do you think what it said holds even half a truth?” He snarls, bering his teeth like a rabid animal. “If you don’t want to answer the question, don’t!”

The Waters Of Failure – 50 Word Story

“It’s a frost you fool, nothing more, nothing less. Had you looked over the itinerary before hand, you would’ve know that then, not now.” he growls through gritted teeth. “To do that, I’d have to know what was happening before hand, instead on the fly?” “You’d say anything, wouldn’t you!”

A Sturdy Mixture – 50 Word Story

He places a hand on top of Sandra’s and squeezes. “How’re you holding up honey?” She nods her head, and smiles softly. “I’m doing okay Papa Joe, how’re you doing with it all?” He shrugs and curls his shaking lips.”Me, I’m looking to kill me some piece of shit traitor!”

No Candy Store – 50 Word Story

He bites blindly down upon his fingernail until it is drenched in a sea of red, then hisses with pain before moving onto the next finger, repeating the process again. “Can I try some?” a voice asks. He stops and turns to face an older gentleman sitting next to him.

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