Play My Game – FOWC with Fandango Microfiction Short Story

Play My Game

“WHEN I SAID FOR YOU TO AMUSE YOURSELF, I DIDN’T MEAN FOR YOU TO RUN ABOUT FREELY KILLING WHOEVER YOU WISHED! I MEANT FOR YOU TO BIDE YOUR TIME IN OTHER WAYS THAT DIDN’T INVOLVE KILLING ANYONE!” Duncan bellows as he throws a powerful left into Peter’s jaw, following it quickly with a right and another left, knocking him to the ground in an awkward heap. As Peter’s world spins violently, he tries to scramble to his feet only to find his way into another powerful punch.

“STAY THE FUCK DOWN!” Duncan seethes through saliva drenched clenched teeth as Peter uneasy gets to his knees, swaying from side to side as he lifts his wayward gaze to meet Duncan’s ferocious stare.

“Y-Y-You can’t b-blame me f-for d-doing w-w-what I’ve always done. Y-Y-You pulled me f-from my h-home, and m-my time, th-then le-left me to AMUSE my-myself. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT ME TO DO?” he roars as he leaps towards Duncan, teeth bared like a wild animal.


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