Further Underground – Microfiction Short Story

Further Underground 

YOU SAID IT WOULD BE EASY!” Sydney screams as she grips Bradley tightly by the arm and shakes him back and forth with vigorous intent, only for him slap the palm of his hand against her face and push her away.

“I NEVER said it would be easy, I said the money would be easy score afterwards, everything else required the plan to be followed without deviation,” he says as he looks up at the floorboard above him, then twists his head down and to the left in dramatic fashion, bringing his gaze back upon Jole’s silent form. “And this right here, THIS is a good-damn deviation.” he grunts menacingly.

“HE’S NOT PAWN PIECE IN A GAME OF CHESS YOU’VE LOST, HE WAS OUR GOD-DAMN FRIEND!” she spews venomously at him, as she throws her arm around like a showcase model from The Price Is Right, on cocaine.

“And we’ll mourn his death after we get out of this mess, OKAY!” he hisses through clenched teeth.

“And HOW the hell are we going to do that? Those things are everywhere up there, so that’s not an option, and you can’t dig down because we’re sitting over a river bed, water will just flood through and bury us below the earth in this god forsaken basement sealing it up like a burial tomb.”


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