What Is Waiting – Microfiction Short Story

What Is Waiting

The darkness that enveloped him as his final breath left his body dissipates quickly and he finds himself sitting in a plain white room, while a man with an all too familiar smile stares at him from the other side.

“Hello Michael, welcome home.”

“A-A-Am I d-d-dead?”

The mans smile softens and he laughs gently. “Please Michael, we try to avoid using words with those type of negative connotations, as they put such a black and white spin on everything that takes place from this point onwards. We prefer to utilise the word metamorphosis instead, as this part of your journey m but only another minuscule st….”

“Don’t I know you?” Michael interrupt with a jovial smile upon his face.

The man blinks erratically as his brow furrows and lower lip trembles. “I-I-I-I, I don’t be-believe that w-we ha…”

“Josh, Josh FUCKING Tanner!” Michael yells proudly as he slaps the table with an open hand. “You’re the guy who dashed out Sarah York while I was dating her. You’re a son-of-a-bitch!”

The man nervously looks across to a wall and then back to Michael. “N-N-No, I-I-I, I’m not t-t-this j…”

“Who’d you look at, over there then? Someone hiding on the other side of the wall watching us?” Michael asks as he gets up and walks over to the wall and squints his eyes tightly as he tries to see through the very wall itself, while behind him the room melts away into darkness.

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