In The Webs Den – Microfiction Short Story

In The Webs Den

Gail stares forwards with wide panic ridden eyes, watching the cluster of spiders as they roll over each other in a mess of legs. Her heart beats in an uncontrolled rhythm, while erect second breath finds itself caught in her chest.

“Come on Princess we don’t have all day, what’s it to be?” a voices asks through a small headphone lodged deep within her left ear canal. “My way, or their way?” he adds with jovial overtones in his voice, as if to mock her.

“C-C-Can you s-still get m-me out of h-here?” she whispers with trembling lips.

“I can do anything I promise, you’ve just got to agree to my terms.”

She feels the sweat cascade down her brow, as he wide eyes grow ever wider. “I-I-I-I, I c-can’t promise that,” she whispers.

“Then I cannot help you,” he replies, followed by silence as her earpiece goes dead.

“Don’t be a jerk Sawyer, you can’t leave me here to die, not now that we know the truth!” she hisses, only to have silence to be her answer. “SAWYER!” she growls, then freezes in place as she comes to realise a thousand or more eyes watching her.

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