Suffocating The Friendly Fire – Microfiction Short Story

Suffocating The Friendly Fire “JUST BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A VAGINA, DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T GET A SAY!” Frank screams as he launches himself to his feet and slams a tightly clenched fist into the table top. Catherine stares at him with a twisted brow of confusion and smirks. “What the FUCK does not having …

A Pot Fit For A Plant – Microfiction Short Story

A Pot Fit For A Plant Silas slowly creeps over to Robbie’s side, and flexes his finger like an insect wiggling it’s legs then reaches gently for the bucket, before snatching it from Robbie’s hands. “Children,” he hisses through clenched lips as he shakes his head in disappointment. “The sprout must be given life through …

Turn Your Scream Into A Whisper – Microfiction Short Story

Turn Your Scream Into A Whisper “There’s no place to go BOY! Every avenue you could’ve utilised has been shut DOWN! Every opportunity you had to get gone has been taken AWAY! You’re STUCK like that inevitable piece of corn from six months ago that turns up in your SHIT!” Charlie snarls with a wicked …

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